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5 FREE Online Fax Services, No Credit Card Verification Required


After the advancement in communication devices, many media are available to share important information with guaranteed encryption. No one can sneak peek into your confidential data. But fax is still an important communication medium to share sensitive data. 

The security of sending and receiving documents by fax cannot be achieved from any other device. However, the older ways used for fax are fading away. People are looking for more convenient and feasible methods for sharing data with each other. 

Therefore, there has been a need for combining the latest technology with conventional fax so that people can send and receive fax easily without any hassle. Third-party services are available for this purpose. They provide fax exchange services online without a fax machine and landline. 


Free Online Fax without Verification

The third-party fax services offer free fax services without investing money on a fax machine. You don’t have to buy paper and refill the toners just for exchanging a single sheet of paper. You can do the same using digital technology in a compact way. 

Many online fax service providers offer a portable and feasible way to send and receive fax online. Email works on digital media whereas fax machines were based on analog technology. Therefore, these online fax services work as a bridge between both devices. 

You can use your email address and fax services to send and receive fax online. Fax service providers continuously convert digital signal into analog and vice versa so that the documents are readable on both sides. 

  1. CocoFax, an Online Free Fax Service Provider

CocoFax is one of the top reputed brands in the online fax service providers market. CocoFax offers free fax without a fax machine. Not only has this but it’s been recognized by many international platforms such as Life wire, Forbes, PCMag, New York Times and CNET. Millions of users rely on CocoFax for sending and receiving fax globally. 

There are many ways to send fax online using the free services of CocoFax. You can use CocoFax web-based solutions and send fax using the internet. But many people prefer using  Gmail for sending and receiving the fax. To do so, you need the following things first:

  • A valid email address(You can use Gmail, Yahoo or any other)
  • CocoFax account (you can get one form official website of CocoFax)
  • An Active Internet Connection
  • Fax Number(CocoFax offers free fax numbers)

How to fax via Gmail using CocoFax

CocoFax has made faxing possible using an email account. Everyone holds an email account so you can conveniently transfer faxes using them. First, you should know the difference between Email to Fax and Fax to Email. They utilize similar concepts but work in a different way  

  • Email to Fax

It refers to sending a fax using any email client. Email to Fax is just like sending regular emails. You can use Google, Hotmail, Yahoo and other email clients for sending. Just compose a regular email and send it while the fax services convert the email into a fax document at the receiver end. You can do so even without a phone line. 

  • Fax to Email

Email to fax means receiving a fax using email clients. Anyone can send you fax on your fax number and it appears as an email in your inbox. Due to the inconveniences of fax machines, fax to email is an easy way to receive fax anywhere, anytime. The received faxes are converted into pdf documents and attached with email so that you can easily read them.

Send Free Fax Online with CocoFax

Going through this guide about CocoFax will provide more information to send fax from Gmail effortlessly. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get started with CocoFax.

Step 1:

Create a CocoFax account and get a free trial for 30 days and a free fax number. This number will be used as an email address for sending and receiving fax online.

Step 2:

Open your email account and start composing a new email. You can add an email Subject which will appear as a Fax title. You can also add the cover page of the fax document by typing in the email body area. 

Attach documents to be sent as a fax. CocoFax supports pdf, doc, xls, and jpg file format to be sent. To enter the fax number, you should add cocofax.com at the end of the receiver’s fax number. For fax number 12345, you should enter 12345@coocfax.com.

You can also send a fax directly through CocoFax web-based solutions. Just enter the receiver details and mandatory fields. Make sure that you have entered the correct information so that the documents are received by a specified person. 

Step 3:

After composing the fax, you can hit the Send button. This will send the documents to CocoFax servers. As the documents are not in Tiff format, so CocoFax automatically changes them into a fax document and transmits them to the receiver address.

These files appear as fax documents at the receiver fax machine. CocoFax sends alerts for sent and failed faxes. You can check the errors and resend them shortly. Mostly the wrong address formats and special characters in file names halt the sending process. 

Receive Free Fax Online with CocoFax

To receive fax online using CocoFax, you don’t have to follow long procedures. All you need to do is to create an account. If you already have one, just log in to your account using any web browser and all emails will appear in your CocoFax dashboard.

To receive fax using CocoFax and an email account, just open the inbox of your email account and all fax documents will be there. CocoFax receives the fax documents and converts them into a pdf document. Later on, these files are forwarded to your email account.

You don’t have to sit with your fax machine all over the day not to miss any fax. CocoFax transfers all the fax files to your email or CocoFax account even if you don’t have an internet connection or your computer/laptop is turned off. 

  1. Efax.com, Send and Receive Free Online Fax

Efax is also listed in most rated online fax service providers. It relieves you from the hassle of buying fax machines, managing papers and gets your ink toners refilled. You can send a fax by just using a computer and the internet.

Open the Efax dashboard with your login credentials and compose a fax document. You can also attach images and excel sheets. Efax sends these files in a Tiff format so that they are readable at the receiver end. 

  1. Fax.Plus, Online Fax Service Provider

No need to get a fax machine or papers to send and receive a fax. Fax.Plus has been used by millions of users globally to exchange fax online. You just need a Fax.Plus account and a valid email address to transfer your important documents just like fax. There is no need to stick with your workspace to send and receive a fax. You can send conventional faxes with the help of Fax.Plus.

  1. Fax Authority, Exchange Fax Online 

Fax Authority has been leading online fax service providers for a long time. It has been recognized by many media channels for providing reliable fax solutions. You can send your important data like a fax document with the help of Fax Authority. It offers sending and receiving fax online and free fax numbers without. You can also get subscription packages of Fax Authority.

  1. MyFax, Free Fax Online

If you are finding a free online fax service provider that does not demand credit card verification? Well, your search ends here. You can exchange fax online without any additional verifications. MyFax offers a free trial to send and receive fax online and you can also get a fax number. Fax machines and papers are not a requirement for fax anymore. MyFax has combined fax with advanced technology along with all its security and privacy concerns.  

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Last modified: May 15, 2020