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A Beginners Guide To Slingo – The Brother Of Bingo


Online casino companies are always trying to better themselves in order to attract even more players to the cause, and this results in a pretty consistent stream of games that are all better than the last. This is especially true of the online slot market, in which developers are constantly clambering to make the best games and therefore scoop the most profit. It’s also best to read some information below before you deposit and play online bingo.

But here’s thing: as expansive as the whole online casino market is, it still keeps itself fairly regimented in terms of casino crossover games. That’s why Slingo received so much critical acclaim when it was first devised and put on the market, because it manages to combine two of the most popular gambling types into one coherent whole. Let’s take a better look at what exactly Slingo is, shall we?

A History Of Slingo 

Slingo was actually invented back in 1994 by two developers called Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia in New Jersey. The pair had a brainwave, devising a way in which the games of Bingo and slots could be combined to create something entirely new – the result came to be called Slingo. 


Now, you have to remember that this was way before the emergence of proper online casino, and Slingo therefore had quite a slow start to existence in the 90s. However, as soon as people started cottoning onto the extreme fun that one can have on online slots Slingo also started getting popular. In fact, in 2013 it was bought for $15.6 million, testimony to its potential. 

A Basic Overview Of Slingo 

In essence Slingo is a direct mash up of between 75-ball Bingo and online slots, with a 5×5 bingo ticket appearing on screen, and a row of reels at the bottom. It therefore combines all the best bits from both games, and despite the fact it was originally made for a bit of fun, has now become a genuinely popular game in its own right. 

There are even Slingo versions of some of the most popular online slots series like Rainbow Riches to play these days, proof of its popularity. 

The Rules Of Slingo 

The rules of Slingo don’t really differ much from those of normal Bingo and online slots respectively, it quite literally is a direct blend of the two. You must first spin the reels on the bottom of the screen and hope that some of the numbers that are on your bingo card appear. 

It really is as simple as that, although there are also some extra symbols that you can encounter on the reels that have differing affects. Read on for a brief breakdown of these. 

Some Essential Vocabulary 

As with all casino games you will want to have a grasp of some basic vocabulary before playing, let’s have a look at some: 

·         Joker: These are basically like wild symbols and can be substituted with the numbers in the column above on your scorecard.·         Super Joker: A super version of a normal Joker basically. These can substitute with any number on your scorecard.

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Last modified: February 3, 2020