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Nowadays, Mac computers are chosen by many users, professionals, and newbies who use various programs for work and entertainment. Of course, over time, any user will decide to delete unnecessary software from the device, and the main question here is how to fulfill it correctly. In our detailed and simple guide, we will tell you how to successfully delete all the unused apps from your device without problems to increase the performance and get some free space easily.

Here are the common reasons that may force you to get rid of some applications you do not use anymore:

  • Your device’s hard drive is full.
  • You’ve  installed a huge number of apps already but you do not use them at all.
  • You’ve switched the device to a new macOS system and decided to delete old 32-bit apps that are not supported on this new version.
  • You want to get more free space on your computer.

The Difference Between Deletion and Uninstallation

Most users confuse two different terms: “uninstallation” and “deletion”. When you just delete an app, it means you move it to the Trash, and a big number of files from the application still stay on the computer.

When a user uninstalls the application, it means deleting software itself, including all the hidden and system files, so after this process, you will find no traces of software on the device.

In fact, the operating system on your computer doesn’t have any built-in uninstaller that can solve problems with deleting unnecessary files and software from the device. And if you need to get rid of the app completely, it’s important to delete its caches, logs, and other files saved in hidden folders of your computer.

Removing Programs on the Mac Using a Trash 

To delete an application using the Trash, you have to open Finder, and then choose Applications on the left. Find the program you want to delete and move it to the Trash icon in the Dock. To complete the deletion, do not forget to open the Trash and click Empty trash, because until you do it, the app will still eat up some space on your computer. Needless to say, this way doesn’t include the removal of any additional files from the program saved on the device. If you are an experienced user, you can try to search for leftovers and remove them, and if you have no idea how to define these files, it’s better to stay away from this idea. Remember that you can easily delete any important system files and get troubles with your Mac. 

How to Uninstall Software Completely

If you want to delete unnecessary apps from the device, first try to visit the developer’s site to get the full instructions on uninstalling their software. In many cases, developers do not post this information on the website, and it may take a lot of time to find specific needs for installation. Of course, you can use a more effective way and delete all the unused apps from your computer using a reliable uninstaller. 

Uninstalling Programs on the Computer Using Cleaners

Remember that only trustworthy third-party applications can be installed on your device to avoid viruses. Before you download any program, we suggest reading information about it on the Internet. Find feedback and see what other people say about it before you install this software on the Mac. It will help to prevent some unpredictable situations and help you to avoid various unexpected problems. This is very simple to work with an automatic cleaner even if you are not an experienced computer user:

  1. Download the program from a trustworthy site and install it on your computer.
  2. Launch the program on the Mac.
  3. Drag and then drop the unnecessary application to the program window.
  4. Then just click the Uninstall button to complete the uninstallation.
  5. That’s all! Now the app is fully gone and you have more free space on your device. 

How to Uninstall Apps Successfully Using the Application Uninstaller

Some programs may have their own uninstallers, and in this case, you can remove it completely with all files hidden on your computer. If you have any software with its own uninstalling tool, it’s better to use it to make the whole process faster and safer. It is quite easy to see if the application has its uninstaller: just open the app’s folder to find the uninstaller tool. If the program isn’t in the folder, it means it doesn’t have its own uninstaller, and you have to choose another way to remove it. To delete the app completely, you need to double-click on its uninstalling tool, and then follow simple instructions to remove the application from the device. 

How to Uninstall Unused Apps in the Launchpad

If you want to uninstall programs you have downloaded on your Mac from the App Store, you can use the Launchpad application in the Application folder of your device. Just choose a program you would like to remove, and just click and hold it. Then, simply click the “X” you will see and choose Delete to confirm the process. This is super-easy and fast! Keep in mind that if you are not able to remove some applications from the Mac, it might be a computer virus. In this case, you will need good antivirus software to scan your device.

So, now you know the main difference between uninstalling and removing unused programs. Check out your computer to see how many unnecessary programs you have, and free up some space by deleting them fully. As you can see, uninstalling applications from the Mac is not too difficult, but you have to understand the main ways on how to do it correctly. Feel free to read more tips on how to delete Mac software and keep your device on its highest performance! 

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