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Are Bingo Bars the New Trend?


Bingo used to be associated with the older generation, as an activity to keep them occupied during their retirement years as a way to remain sociable and mentally active. It meant that they had a specific time and place each week to be able to meet up with their friends who shared a common interest so that they could all have fun together without having to spend a fortune in the process. But the hipster community have begun to make a big chance to this long used stereotype. If you are in for some fun, you may click to play bingo online today. 

Hipster Bingo

With as many as 600 Bingo halls closing across Britain between 2005 and 2014, it looked like Bingo was about to become extinct. But with the help of the Millennials, the lifespan of Bingo seems to have taken a turn for the better. It seems that Bingo has now become a fun game that has become more socially acceptable for the younger, more active members of society to be able to play. Yes, there are variations between this new style of Bingo as opposed to the Bingo we associate with the older generation but the game itself remains very much the same. With specific cities across the UK having been bitten by the hipster Bingo bug in a serious way, it seems that Shoreditch in London, Manchester and many others are now becoming renowned for their link to the modern Bingo game. 

New Bingo

This modern, younger person aimed Bingo style is starting to become a common occurrence across many of the big cities in the UK. Though many traditional Bingo halls are sadly closing, the hipsters have taken it upon themselves to offer a new style of fun evening to the youth of today. Creating Bingo themed events in various locations, these evenings sell out faster than the organisers can arrange them. It seems that they are combining playing the traditional game of Bingo with other fun activities such as DJs so that the players can get up and dance, have and sing-song, and let their hair down. There are bars and pop-up food trucks offering wide arrays of different types of food so that the wants, likes and needs of all players are catered for, though the cost of this is kept relatively low. The locations of these events are always in places that are very typically hipster, so not your average Bingo location and they seem to be a massive hit with Instagram, too, which is probably half of the reason that they are such a massive sell-out. After all, if your activity of the day isn’t on Instagram, did it even really happen? 


Clubbing or Bingo?

As the average late teen and early twenty year old seems to have shied away from spending all of their life hanging around in bars and nightclubs, drinking to excess, smoking and getting into all sorts of trouble, it seems that the younger generation has needed something else to entertain themselves. As the general interest in personal health has become of increasing concern to us all as a society, the activities that made socialising stereotypical seem to be classed as unhealthy. With health awareness being at the highest it has been, probably ever, there are so many pros for playing Bingo as a social activity with friends or going alone and meeting new people in a safe environment. Heavy drinking is thought to cause liver damage amongst many other medical complaints, smoking has been proven to cause lung cancer and other forms of cancer, and recreational drug use resulting in all sorts of accidents and drug dependencies, to name but a few related issues. But there is no medically related negative to playing Bingo. You won’t have your doctor tutting when you tell them that you are off to play Bingo! 

Generation Bingo

With the disposable income of the 18 to 30s not being able to spread particularly far, the idea of being able to socialise, have fun, get entertainment, meet new and old friends, as well as being in with a chance of getting your hands on a cash prize, is nothing short of miraculous for this generation.

Bingo seems to have been opened up to this age group thanks to their constant connection to technology. Being able to play Bingo on a smartphone either mobile or via an app, has meant that this secret world of Bingo has been opened up completely. No more is something that involves waiting until you are a certain age to be able to create a car share rota with a certain group of friends so that you can go to a Bingo hall on the outskirts of the city you live in. No, now it is accessible anywhere and at any time. With the newfound hipster Bingo bars, it has even become a popular way to spend your Friday and Saturday nights, too. 

Liverpool Bingo Bars

Known as Bongo Bingo, Jonny Bongo and Joshua Burke founded the original Bingo bar in the city of Liverpool back in 2015, where they put on specific events to help the younger generations of their city to be able to socialise at an affordable price. This concept has not only spread to many other cities within the UK but has also spread to many other major cities across the world such as Paris, Dubai and Sydney. It will surprise you to know that it has even hit the party capital of Ibiza! With a real party atmosphere going on in their Bongo Bingo bar, there is a mini rave going in whilst the Bingo games are happening, along with music, glowsticks, cocktails and some big A-lister guests to boot! 

Bingo Bars

It seems that the ideal location for a Bingo bar is in some kind of abandoned warehouse. It doesn’t need to be anywhere fancy for the hipsters to enjoy their night of Bingo. It needs to be a large enough space for them to be able to party hard, have enough capacity for plenty of people and multiple different things to be occurring at any one time but nowhere on prime land so that the cost is kept down for the Millennial generation of Bingo players to socialise economically.

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Last modified: December 6, 2019