Beginner’s Guide to Blackjack


If you’ve ever played traditional online Blackjack, the Bitcoin version will come as no surprise. The only significant distinction is that with the latter, you risk Bitcoin rather than conventional currency. The remainder of the game regulations, the goal of the game, and all other aspects of the popular casino card game remain the same.

Basics of the Blackjack

When playing this game, you’ll need a standard 52-card deck, and suits aren’t important.

The following values are ascribed to the cards:

  • Except for the Face Cards (J, Q, and K) and the Ace, all other cards count for their face value. This implies that card values ranging from 2 to 10 are counted at face value.
  • The face cards (J, Q, and K) all have a value of ten.
  • The ace can be counted as 1 or 11, depending on which option is better for the hand.

The players and the dealer are each handed two cards at the start of the game, but the dealer only has one card face up. The “Hole” card is the dealer’s face-down card.

What is a hand?

The cards dealt with by a player are referred to as a hand. You’re in luck if you have an Ace in your hand. The odds of victory are heavily skewed in your favor at this stage. There are two hands like this:

  • At the start of the game, the bitcoin blackjack hand is an Ace with a ten-point card. You immediately win the game.
  • A soft hand consists of an Ace and a card that is not a ten-point card. You are better positioned in the game if you use a gentle hand. If you have an Ace and a five, for example, your total is either 6 or 16. As a result, you can draw another card without risking losing the game. To avoid a bust, you value your Ace at one of the given additional cards that are larger than five. Otherwise, the Ace is counted as an 11.

How to win at using BTC Blackjack Strategies

The idea is to play as efficiently as possible, thus the dealer’s up card should be your key strategic consideration.

Playing a soft hand 

As previously stated, a soft hand is a set of cards that includes an Ace. The Ace gives you the option of choosing between 11 and 1. If you have an Ace and a six, you will have a total of either 7 or 17. The best you could get is 18 if you hit one more time, but only if you choose a 10-valued card. As a result, your objective is one unit greater than all other circumstances, thus you should aim for at least 18.

The Strategy of Doubling Down

In each of the following scenarios, you should double down.

  • A total of 11 hands were dealt.
  • If the dealer does not show a ten-card or an ace, you have a ten-card hand.
  • With a hand total of 9 and a fair or poor card from the dealer.


The actual goal of bitcoin blackjack is to defeat the dealer by either outscoring him or forcing him to bust by getting the face value of your cards as close to 21 as possible. Simply find a reputable casino and immerse yourself in the exciting game. You’ll have amazing wins if you use a tried-and-true approach plus a little luck!

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