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Best Free Fax to Email Service Ever Via Google


Before the influx of modern communications systems, fax machines were owned by every business person to transmit confidential information. People who used to deal with sensitive information on a daily basis prefer using fax for data communication. The fax was launched with added security and privacy to protect secret data from potential threats. 

After the invasion of modern devices, fax is fading out. People are more attracted to convenient ways of communication rather than managing hardware systems. Nowadays, Email is a reliable method for business communication. A laptop with an active internet connection is enough to transfer private data from one place with others with a lightning fast pace.

Yet, some senior employees or freelancers still rely on fax to keep their data safe and protected during the transmission phase. To add handiness and ease to fax, many services have been introduced.  Now you don’t need to invest in bulky fax machines anymore. The efforts of managing papers and refilling toners are disappearing with modern faxing mechanisms. Read this article to find out more about the latest fax procedures


Is Fax possible using Digital Systems?

Well, if it is about working with the default setting of the latest devices, then you must know that fax is not possible from digital systems. Fax machines were based on analog technology whereas modern communication devices work on digital signals. So, these devices don’t come up with a built-in mechanism to work together. 

However, you can get services of online fax service providers to link up a modern communications system with a fax machine. Google fax services work as an interpreter for sending and receiving fax between two dissimilar mediums. You can install this third-party software and begin faxing from handheld devices or computers.  

The main rationale behind using fax for professional conversations is its reliability and data protection. By means of online fax service providers, you can benefit from the easiness of modern tools and security of fax at the same time. To know about the best fax service provider to fax online, brush through the later sections of this article.

CocoFax, a Free Online Fax Service Provider

Are you looking for a trustworthy and reputed fax service provider? Well, your search ends at Google Fax Free. It’s a famous faxing blog site with info and reviews about the best online faxes ever. A look at Google Fax Free will tell you what is the best fax service provider to choose: CocoFax. 

It has been used by millions of users from all over the world. As Google Fax Free indicates, CocoFax is the best free fax to email service Via Google that could be employed without any technical skills. It has been developed with added encryption algorithms to shield your private data from online scammers.

CocoFax works as a bridge between modern devices and fax machines. It translated signals conversely so that both communication devices can view them in readable formats. CocoFax is an all-in-one solution to send and receive from any web-browser. International media channels including Forbes, CNET, Life Wire, PCMag and TechRadar have recognized CocoFax as the best Google fax service provider. 

You can send local and international faxes in a blink of an eye from CocoFax rather than engaging any interpreter. In this way, all the information remains between the sender and receiver. The security protocols employed by CocoFax guarantee that one can sneak peek into your data.

Email to Fax Service by CocoFax

Faxing an email is a lot more convenient than using fax machines to do so. All you need is an Android or iOS device with an active internet connection to send Google fax.  You can also open your laptop or Mac to send the fax by using any email client.

Email to a fax solution is a dream come true for professionals who have to deal with fax on a daily basis. Gmail and Yahoo are top of the list email clients to use email to fax service of CocoFax. CocoFax is a go-to fax service for many reputed businesses. Fast and reliable email to fax solution via CocoFax makes it stand out among competitors.

  • Send Email to Fax via CocoFax

Sending an email to fax with the help of CocoFax is just like writing casual emails. The 24/7 uptime of CocoFax allows users to send faxes round the clock. Subscribe with CocoFax to send free fax online by means of your email account. It just requires 5 minutes to set up CocoFax even without any technical skills.

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to get started with email to fax solutions of CocoFax.

Step 1: Signup a CocoFax account

If you are using CocoFax for the first time, you should create an account first. Go to the official website of CocoFax and Signup. Enter the required information accurately and provide a valid email address. This email address will be employed later on to send and receive fax with CocoFax.

CocoFax offers a 30 days free trial for new users. You can send unlimited fax documents from your email account without even paying a dime for a month. Afterward, you can choose a subscription package as per your requirements. You can also select a local or vanity fax number at signup. Fax number is a must to send a fax from the email client.  

Step 2: Compose Email

Login to your account and open the CocoFax dashboard. You can also manage other services of CocoFax from the control panel tab.

Go to your email account and click on the new email button. Start composing a new email to send documents as a fax just like creating a casual email. You can attach multiple files to your email as CocoFax sends them as one fax document. File formats supported by CocoFax include png, jpg, xls, doc and pdf. You can add these file formats as an email attachment.

To enter the receiver’s fax number in the To field, add cocofax.com at the end of the number. For example, if the receiver fax number is 12345, you should type it as “12345@cocofax.com”. In this way, any fax number is transformed into a complete address and becomes feasible for sending emails to fax.

To provide a cover page to your fax document, type in the email body area. You can also add notes to the attachments by entering information in the email Subject field. These are optional areas so you can leave them empty as well.

Step 3: Send Email as Fax

Double-check to make sure that you have entered all the information precisely and mandatory fields are not empty. Hit the send button to transmit your files as a fax document via email. This will ring the receiver’s fax machine and CocoFax converts the files into a fax document in the meanwhile.

The conversion of these documents into a Tiff file format is mandatory as fax machines only support these files. CocoFax sends confirmation messages to your email inbox on the successful delivery of files. For failed emails, you will receive alerts with error details. Correct the mistakes and resend files. 

  • Receive Fax to Email via CocoFax

Receiving fax documents to email accounts is a cup of tea. There are no more procedures to follow to get fax as a regular email. All you need is to open your email account and head straight to the inbox tab. All received faxes will pop up here along with timestamps and sender details.

You can also manage received faxes from the CocoFax dashboard. CocoFax transfers received faxes to your email account and CocoFax dashboard even if your laptop or smartphone is turned off. The absence of an internet connection does not halt the fax receiving with CocoFax. You can read and store these documents using the cloud-based storage of CocoFax.


Fax has become a paperless process after the origination of CocoFax. You can send and receive a fax from your email account rather than investing in fax machines. There is no need to stick to your work desk to keep track of received faxes anymore. Get the benefits of using a portable faxing solution by CocoFax. 

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Last modified: May 15, 2020