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Biggest Technology Trends to Get Prepared for in 2020


Technology is advancing day by day and sometimes it is hard to stay updated and infuse your business with new innovations, especially for small businesses. However, new technology has the power to put you in front of the competition which is very important in today’s world.

Companies and individuals that cannot keep up with the technology trends run the risk of falling behind, which is why you have to anticipate technology changes and cleverly invest in something that will bring you huge benefits.

In this article, we will go through some of the biggest technology trends for 2020 and get a clearer idea of what to invest in.


Artificial Intelligence as Service (AI)

As we all know AI is the most mentioned technology trend for the future, and there is a good reason for that. Company giants have already started investing a large amount of capital into development of AI technology. This trend will continue in 2020 but unfortunately, there is no expectation that AI technology will get cheaper. 

You will be capable to feed your own data through software and just pay for the algorithm that is capable of making decisions. With the use of AI, companies will have specialized tasks, target specific audience and answer specific requirements from your customers using data.

5G Data Network

As mobile technology is moving forward, we already started to see 5G mobile phones. However, since the 5G network is not available everywhere, we expect to have massive 5G expansion in 2020. Mobile technology is vital in any business as they are now going to be able to finish all tasks more efficiently. 

This will be also beneficial for building your internet network. With increased bandwidth we expect to see machines, robots, and autonomous vehicles that will use the 5G network to advance the IoT and improve connections between devices.

Computer Vision 

With the use of data, computers now can have their own “vision”, which means they will be able to identify items, objects, people or places with a camera or sensor. In 2020 we will see extensive use of computer vision, and they will be able to solve more complicated problems without any human input. 

For example, there are few companies that use computer vision in the construction business, and by using cameras they can identify which workers are not carrying the necessary safety gear and predict danger. However, even though this technology will revolutionize every business, we are still facing the trouble of limiting the use of this technology and avoid it turning into “Big Brother” compromising the privacy of people. 


Blockchain is the modern way of tracking and encrypting transactions. We’ve seen that this trend was popular in recent months, but 2020 it is expected to be a massive boom. There were couple of reactions from people and organizations that this technology is hyped too much and not as useful as we first thought. 

However, companies like FedEx, Walmart, and IBM have already started to show results from their Blockchain and if they prove the case and all the benefits, we can expect smaller businesses to follow this trend. Even Facebook is building its own blockchain-based cryptocurrency Libra, which will create increase the use of blockchain in smaller companies. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

We’ve seen the use of these technologies in games and sports which provide VR experience, for example when watching the best basketball teams in the NBA expert predictions. However, we expect to see the use of VR and AR in businesses. Providing a fully digital experience with VR can be a gamechanger for businesses as now they can provide much deeper experience for customers or have better visualization for projects. 

AR is also great for trying things in the real world. Businesses will have the ability to try new products in the real world without even building them. We expect huge rise in both of these technologies in the business field.

These are some of the biggest technology trends for 2020. Businesses will have to adapt to these new technologies and start investing in some if they want to get in front of the competition.

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Last modified: November 18, 2019