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Busting Common Blackjack Myths


If you have played blackjack, then you have heard of some common myths about this popular casino game, one of which intrigued most players when was blackjack invented? The game has many know-it-alls who believe that they know everything about how to win. However, most of these lead to many myths and misconceptions about blackjack. Below are some myths and misconceptions about blackjack.

1.   Always Get Closer to 21 as Possible

This is a myth that can be really damaging. The aim of blackjack is only to defeat the dealer by scoring a higher score without exceeding 21 points. When you get a natural blackjack or 21 points, you are paid 3:2 odds. You can even get a score of 16 and still beat the dealer. It is always important to follow the basic strategy as this will ensure that you are making the best possible moves on each hand possible. If you are always trying to score only 21 points, it is likely that you will get over 21 points and end up losing frequently. You need to stand when you feel the dealer is going bust or hit based on the simple strategy.

2.   Always Go for the Insurance Option

This is more like taking even money. Insurance is a tactic set by the casino to strip inexperienced gamers. This option is presented to you when the dealer has an ace up card. The dealer will only have the 10-value card only 30 percent of the time. If you fall for this myth, the house will walk away with almost 13% profit which is a big house edge advantage to the casino and a great loss to the player. However, if you are an experienced player, taking insurance is not a bad idea if you know exactly what you are doing.


3.   The Dealer Always has the 10 Card

Many blackjack gamers believe that the dealer always has the 10 card in the hole. The truth is that only the 10, J, K, and Q in a deck have a value of 10. What this means is that only 30% of the cards have a value of 10 and 70% of the cards are not valued 10. So, it is unlikely that the dealer’s hole card is always a 10 card.

4.   Continuous Betting will boost the Chances of Winning

It is assumed that when you bet progressively you double your bets with every loss until you hit a win. This is false as the results of each blackjack hand are totally random and nobody can guess whether you will win or lose in the next session.

5.   You are Due to Win after Losing Consecutive Hands

There are some blackjack gamers that believe that after many consecutive losses they will win and continue increasing their bets. The truth is that each hand in blackjack has a 48% winning probability with the exclusion of the ties. Therefore it doesn’t mean that if you have lost in five hands that you will win on the sixth hand.


Listening to blackjack gamers who have no clue what they are talking about is a quick way of losing your cash. Instead, learn a strategy that will help you win rather than relying on falsehoods made by other players. For starters, know that not all games are created the same. Therefore, look for tables with good rules so you will be dealing with lowest-possible house edge.

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Last modified: May 25, 2020