Tether an Android Phone’s Internet with a Mac.


The possibilities of someone owning a Mac and Android device might be very less, but if you do own both of these then you must have faced a genuine problem that i have too faced recently. On windows it just takes a tap to tether your android device and share its internet connection with a pc or a laptop. However the same is not possible with a Mac computer. By default Mac doesn’t have the...

Use WhatsApp on Windows and Mac with AirDroid 3


Like most instant messaging software available on the market, we have always wanted whatsapp to be available on desktop platforms such as windows and mac. Inspite of the limitations, whatsapp users have found out numerous workarounds to run and use the instant messaging app from a desktop PC. One of these most common workaround for using whatsapp on PC involves running the app from an android...

How to View Hidden Files and Folders on Mac OS X Yosemite


It common for most of us to use the same portable storage device with both our PC and Mac computer. While this works flawlessly, but there is one problem that most of us would have faced. When you are on windows, you can easily hide or view hidden files and folders, but on a mac there’s no such option. If you have hidden files and folders on your portable storage device while using windows, then...

How to Connect an Android phone to a MAC and Transfer files


I have been a windows users since i got my first PC which came loaded with Windows XP and right now i am using Windows 8.1. It has been a great experience using various iteration of windows operating system for all these years and for a change, i recently switched to the MAC OS and to be frank i found it entirely opposite of how most windows fans described it to me. The MAC OS has a very simple...

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