Upgrade WordPress to PHP 7.4 on Apache running on Ubuntu


WordPress now displays a “PHP update required” warning on the dashboard if the PHP installation is not up to date. I saw the same warning in the WordPress dashboard for one of my sites. The site has been running PHP 7.2 for more than a year and it was only recently i saw the warning for the first time. Coincidentally, the site had also been down in performance for a few months. So I...

Decrease WordPress page load time by reducing number of comments per page.


Recently I started receiving notifications in the google webmaster tools dashboard regarding slow loading time of some of the pages on my blog. The blog was running on WordPress on a Ubuntu with Apache as the server. On my end, most pages were loading fine with a average loading time of 2-3 seconds. In order to increase the performance, I switched the web server from Apache to Nginx. It did bring...