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Facebook Alternatives: From Social Networks to Instant Messaging


Last year was perhaps the worst Facebook, the biggest social network in the world (to date) has had. Numerous scandals shook its establishment and its users’ trust, and many of its features rolled out over 2018 have proven to be not quite what its advertisers and users have asked for. For many, their first reaction was to look for a guide to deleting Facebook online – add this to the number of young users that keep fleeing from the Big Blue for years. Oh well, the time comes even for the biggest and strongest social networks – think of MySpace, once the biggest social network with more than 100 million users, that is now a mere footnote in the history of the internet. The day will come when Facebook becomes a thing of the past. Let’s see what other options we have in store for when that happens.


Facebook is the biggest social network today, with the most users – but by no means is it the only one. It has many competitors, like microblogging service Twitter, Facebook-owned Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, and their likes. While none of its competitors offer the same variety and set of services, its news feed can be replaced by them at any time, and there are many alternatives to its other features, like its Groups, Marketplace, and their likes.


Messenger is a bit trickier business to find an alternative to – it has become the only instant messaging platform for many Facebook users. Switching to a different platform often means convincing all the contacts on Messenger to do the same – and there are many who resist such a change because of their lack of trust and familiarity with other platforms. There are, in turn, plenty of alternatives here, too. Among them, Signal and Telegram, two free platforms that offer end-to-end encryption, Google’s Hangouts, already integrated with Android and Gmail, and oldies but goldies like Skype, for example, that offers text chat and free voice calls to its users. Plus, there is another unlikely alternative: Google’s Messages Android app, a texting app that can do way more than that. Check it out.


Logging in

One of the reasons many people still use Facebook is that it allows them to connect to a variety of online services with a single click or tap. Think of how easy it is to connect to services ranging from online services like Spotify and Wunderlist to forums, blogs, and many others. Giving up Facebook would mean to have to create new accounts at these, a lot more passwords to keep in mind and similar issues for many. The good news is there are other tech giants that offer similar services (Google is one of them), and if all else fails, a password manager like LastPass can save you the trouble of keeping in mind all your passwords. It is a secure service that works on pretty much any operating system, desktop and mobile alike. What are your alternatives to Facebook’s services? Leave a comment below.

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Last modified: April 8, 2019