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Fortnite World Cup 2019 Update


Fortnite is a relative newcomer to competitive gaming. But with the more than $100,000,000.00US prize pool sitting at the end of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, Epic Games has created a tournament powerhouse.

With an event this big, you can bet that betting powerhouses like Sportsbetting.ag will have odds on the tournament. The cool thing about this event is it isn’t just big name teams like Team Liquid and FaZe Clan; anyone can play.

How to Qualify


Epic released an official blog in late February detailing the Fortnite World Cup. It quite simple: solo and duo modes will be highlighted but there will be ample squad play as well. The first step is the merit-based qualification. You don’t have to worry about your spot being taken by a franchise buy-in or anything like that … you must play and earn your place. There will be weekly online qualifiers running from the thirteenth of April to the sixteenth of June.

There will be various 1 million-dollar competitions as we lead up to the cup. But it will come down to the top 100 solo players and the top 50 duo teams from the 10 qualifying weeks. Those players will join Epic Games in New York City on July 26th for a three-day event known as The Fortnite World Cup Finals! Each player is guaranteed a minimum of fifty $50,000.00 and the solo champ will win a cool $3,000,000.00.

Don’t worry. If the math doesn’t seem to be adding up it’s because Fortnite will be holding weekly $1,000,000.00 events after the Fortnite World Cup Finals as well. Yup, you can boogie bomb your way to a battle-bus-load of cash all the way up to the end of the year. The only catch is you have to be at least 13 years of age to participate and those between 13 and 17 need parental permission.

Big News

After a slight setback in the Duo Gauntlet test to adjust scoring and leaderboards, it’s looking like it is up and ready to go.

In other Duo-based news, Team Liquid is apparently going with the flow. According to Poach, they are testing out different Duo combinations as they head towards the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers.

“Yeah, we’re going to try out some new things for World Cup, for sure. Everyone needs to be comfortable with who they are playing with. I think, until the World Cup, we are going to mix around duos and try to find what works best. So, today I will be doing the Duos Gauntlet with Chap.”

We are likely to see Poach with either 72hrs or Chap … or perhaps a combination of either of the three with Vivid. It remains to be seen. In any case, Team Liquid is regarded by many as one of the top Fortnite teams on the planet (some think No. 1, some think No. 2). So it’s scary to think that they are finetuning even more.

Get to Training

The Gauntlet Solo and Duo Tests are up and running and will be going for a few more days. So get in there and get your points up. Play like it’s a $100,000.00 event because you’ll need to take this seriously. To make it through the qualifiers you’ll be facing the best of the best to get in there and grind.

You have about a month to get into shape to take on the pros, so gear up, get in the bus, and make it happen!

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Last modified: March 16, 2019