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Gameplay review of Burning Wins


It doesn’t take a genius to notice quite how much our world has changed in the last few decades. Sure, things were progressing at quite the rate even in the 20th Century, however the 21st Century has really kicked things up a notch, and that is mainly to do with this thing we like to call the Internet. Life can be almost unrecognisable these days from what came only two or three decades before, as a species we are so much more interconnected, and the ability to live our lives online has changed things massively. Just look at the online casino explosion, for instance, it has completely transformed the way people like to gamble, even attracting millions of new players to the cause too. 

Just a few minutes spent on a quality online casino site and you will see exactly why so many people have adopted it as their go-to gambling choice. The breadth of choice is absolutely staggering, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the realm of online slots. Plonk a slot aficionado from the late 1800s in front of one of these modern online slots and they would probably pass out from shock – they are just so much more advanced, it’s crazy! Nowadays wicked bonus rounds, supreme graphics and crazy new gameplay variants are part of the parcel with online slots, something that has attracted a huge influx of new players. But here’s the thing: many people are tired of the intense modernisation of the online slot market, yearning for a classic style fruit machine that they can try their luck on… 

And as it happens there are a lot of these too, our favourite being Burning Wins slot by Playson, one of the online slot industry’s newest developers. Want to know what we think of this title? Read ahead. 


About Burning Wins and its General Aesthetic 

So, as we mentioned Burning Wins is an online slot designed to take us avid gamblers back to the glory days of slot machine entertainment, evoking the classic fruit machines that have long been part of pubs, bars and clubs as well as casinos. This slot forms part of Playson’s “Timeless Fruit Slots” collection as well, so immediately you can tell the kind of angle that this Maltese developer is trying to get with this title. The action plays out on a bright purple screen, one that instantly evokes the kind of aesthetic that old school fruit machines are known for. The pleasantly simple 3×3 reel format is also incredibly evocative of the old school world of slots, something that is sure to please the more experienced gamblers amongst us.

As you would expect of a slot like Burning Wins, all the symbols available on the reels are also taken from the world of classic slot machines. We’re talking gold bars, bells, old school 7s and a variety of fruit, all rendered in stunning 3D. This is something we were really happy about when we first started playing Burning Wins, the three dimensions really makes for a much more engaging play, with water droplets and metallic shines being clearly visible whilst playing. 

About Burning Wins and its Bonus Features 

Now, unfortunately if you are expecting any real bonus features from Burning Wins you will probably end up being fairly disappointed, because the truth is there isn’t any really. This is far from a bad thing though, as a classic style slot machine you cannot really expect much in the way of bonus rounds, and there is still a lot of money to be won regardless. 

Low paying prizes are available for any winning combinations made of fruit, with 75x your line bet being awarded for a 3 watermelons, for example. What you will really want to find, however, are the 7s, because these can give you up to 300x your wager – it doesn’t sound like much, but it means you could win £300 off of just one spin. Cannot argue with that! 

Classic Style Online Slots Similar To Burning Wins 

We personally think that Burning Wins is one of the best classic style online slots, mainly due to the impeccable nature of its graphics, and of course the incredibly smooth gameplay that Playson have gifted us with. That being said it is always worth having a little scope around if you enjoy this type of slot, and for this reason we have compiled a little list of some similar titles on the market in 2019: 

·         Blue Diamond (Red Tiger Gaming)

·         Super 7 (Simple Play)

·         Red Diamond (Red Tiger Gaming)

·         Lucky Irish (WGS) 

All of these work in a similar way to Burning Wins, but be warned – you won’t find graphics that match Playson’s anywhere else. 

About Playson and Other Slots by Them 

As we have already mentioned, Playson are relative newcomers to the online slot industry, but they have well and truly hit the ground running, becoming quite popular in a short amount of time due to the dazzling array of their games. These guys don’t just focus on classic style slots, and Burning Wins is actually part of a fairly small series called “Timeless Fruit Slots” – the rest of their repertoire is much more modern. Based in Malta Playson was established in 2012, meaning that they are not quite as experienced as other companies such as Microgaming or Big Time Gaming. It is, however, obvious that this doesn’t matter when you start playing their games, because they are all consistently excellent. Just have a look at some of these for example: 

·         40 Joker Staxx: 40 Lines

·         Chicago Gangsters

·         Kingdom Of The Sun: Golden Age

·         God Of Wild Sea 

Burning Wins: The Verdict 

As far as classic style fruit machine online slots go, we think that Playson’s Burning Wins is unequivocally one of the best. This is mainly because of the effort that the Maltese developers have put into the 3D graphic display, rendering this online slot in perfect detail. The gameplay is also incredibly smooth – top marks!

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Last modified: December 6, 2019