Complete List of Upcoming Games Announced at E3 2014


E3 is one of the most anticipated events for gamers all over the world. The annual video game conference and show is held every year at the Los Angeles convention center in the US. During the event Video game publishers from all over the world announce the games they have in development for the various platforms such as the PC, Xbox, PS3… Etc. E3 has already started off this year and...

How to Backup Steam Games to DVD or External Storage Media


If you are a PC gamer, I don’t even need to introduce you to Steam. Owned by valve corporation, Steam is one of the worlds largest online game store for PC games. The Steam store sells only digital copies of PC games and most of the time its prices are less compared to other retail and online sources for PC games. Few years back games were generally purchased through retail channels such as...

Sony PS4 Launching in India on January 6th, Priced at Rs. 39,990


Sony has announced the arrival of the PlayStation 4 in India, the PS4 is headed to India with a January 6th launch date in 2014. This is a good news for PlayStation fans who have been waiting for the console to officially launch in India. Unfortunately there is a bad news as well. The PS4 has been priced at a outrageous premium of Rs.39990 in India. Indian gamers who have long waited for the PS4...

Microsoft Xbox One Cheat Sheet for Kinect Voice Commands


The Xbox One is right here. Did you grab one for yourself? If you did, then its time you need to familiarize yourself with the Xbox One’s Voice commands. As you would have already known, the new generation Kinect bundled with the Xbox one makes very effective use of voice commands to reduce any physical interaction on the users part. Most probably you would have already seen it in the...

How to Check if your PC can Run New Games


Gone are the days when we would have to wait for months and years for new games to release, in today’s scenario games are just raining every while and then. If you are a PC gamer, then we know how difficult it is to maintain a gaming rig that can run all the latest games with all the bells and whistles. Even if you have PC has decent gaming hardware , there is always this big question that...

The Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Beta Experience : Should you buy Battlefield 4 ?


After more than two weeks of providing gamers a peek into the upcoming Battlefield 4 Multiplayer , The battlefield 4 multiplayer beta has successfully concluded today . I have been playing the open beta since these two weeks and i have many things to share with your about the upcoming battlefield 4 multiplayer . What’s new in Battlefield 4 Multiplayer To begin with my Battlefield 4 beta...

30 Coolest and Inspiring Multi monitor Gaming setups


Are you Gaming on an Multi monitor Gaming setup ? , If you’re not then check out our collection of 20 coolest and inspiring Multi monitor Gaming setups in the world ! . A few years back a PC could be used at max with a dual monitor setup , which was basically used in offices or for work purpose . Today multi monitor PC setups have become very popular among the PC gaming community , The...

Call of Duty : Ghosts Multiplayer Trailer Revealed, Playable Female Character Introduced

call of duty ghosts ghosts female character

Activision has revealed the new Multiplayer trailer for its forthcoming Call of Duty : Ghosts game , in a live event which was streamed online . Like before Activision has teamed up with Rap Singer Eminem for the trailers background music . Eminem has released an exclusive new single for the trailer named “ Survival “ . The new Multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty : Ghosts brings in a female...

Watch Dogs ‘Honored’ Trailer Revealed , Players Can Now Drive Cars and Speedboats


Ubisoft has now released a new trailer for Watch Dogs , the new trailer is named ‘Honored‘ . The trailer shows the protagonist engaging in armed combat with cops . The trailer shows the protagonist driving  Driving cars and speedboats in the game , which means players should be able to interact with cars and other vehicles in the game . Apart from the normal edition Watch Dogs will be...

Dice reveals the new Battlelog for Battlefield 4

Dice reveals the new Battlelog for Battlefield 4

Battlefield developer Dice has finally revealed their new version of Battlelog for Battlefield 4  . The New version of Battlelog will be launching with Battlefield 4 . Battlefield 4 will we deploying many new features for Gamers . Some of which are Levolution, Commander Mode, and All Out War . Check out the official trailer below . The new version of Battlelog will bring battlefield 4 to Tablets...

Battlefield 4 System Requirements leaked on Ubisoft online store


It may be a mistake by Ubisoft or a intended leak . By mistake the System requirements of Battlefield 4 have been publish on Ubisoft’s online store . The system requirements for BF4 are quite similar to Battlefield 3 , which might be a reason to rejoice for players with old hardware . Lets take a look at the Battlefield 4 system requirements below. Battlefield 4 Minimum system requirement OS:...

Pro Gamers now considered Professional Athletes by US Government


Good news for gamers . The US government now considers all Pro Gamers as Professional Athletes . In a Gamespot interview with Riot Game’’s Magus and Nick allen . Nick allen spoke about what the US Government considers as Pro gamers to be as : “The United States government recognizes League of Legends pro players as professional athletes, and awards visas to essentially work in the United States...

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