General Overview of Linux Essentials 010-050 Certification


In the current IT field, there are numerous IT certification exams that professionals need to sit for from time to time to validate their skills. This is meant to help them improve their knowledge base by exposing and testing them with new ideas, techniques, and skills. The tests tend to cover certain aspects with each having its own unique structure.

In the current employment world, employers are looking for the candidates possessing such certificates since they are deemed to have a good expert knowledge and experience. This makes these certifications and their subsequent exams to be very essential in career advancements. It is for this reasons that professionals are required to take this test seriously if they need to go up the career ladder.

Linux Essentials 010-050 Exam: Introduction


This 010-050 exam is designed with the objective of assessing skill and knowledge of IT professionals in the field of Linux. Linux is an open source platform that has greatly promoted the field of open source. It serves to show the candidates’ abilities to operate and maneuver his or her way around the Linux sphere. The Linux 010-050 test is designed for those who are new to the Linux world and are in the process of progressing upwards.

It covers coursework including Linux system administration and Linux management. This exam is highly recognized and that is why it has been done by numerous people all around the world. Employers are now hiring IT professionals with this credential. This serves to show how this exam is a very important one.

With this certification exam, you will be required to go through certain topics, which are further divided into subcategories. There are5 topics:

  1. Security and File Permissions

  2. Finding Your Way on a Linux System

  3. The Power of the Command Line

  4. The Linux Community and aCareer in Open Source

  5. The Linux Operating System.

All these five topics will be tested throughout the exam.

The 010-050 exam serves to test a number of the candidate’s skills and abilities within the Linux environment. The following are the areas that are tested:knowledge on several communities, FOSS, licenses, knowledge on open source software and applications and how they can interact with the closed source applications, creation and restoration of compressed archives and backups, basic understanding of the Linux OS and it various relations with programs, hardware and processes, file permissions and system securities on both public and private directories, knowledge on how to use command lines and file systems, and creation and running of simple scripts.

Linux 010-050 has its own structure in terms of how the questions are structured and the time period given to handle the test. The certification exam contains 40 questions, which are done within 60 minutes.

The Linux exam can be done online or in the written format. For its written format, the exam is available in several languages, namely Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

Linux Essentials 010-050 Exam: Preparation Tips

The following are tips that can help you prepare for the test well enough:

  • Ensure that you are aware of the exam dates as this will help to start preparing in advance.
  • You can get to undertake practice quizzes and tests with many of them being offered online. This will help you have a feel of how the exam really is. Practice on a day to day basis to keep your mind alert and fresh with information.
  • Ensure to have a study partner so as to be able to cover certain topics much easier and save time.
  • Try reading lots of Linux related books as this will expose you to new knowledge.
  • On an actual day ensure that you arrive early for the exams and avoid discussions during the exam day as this will just get you into a panic mode.
  • Ensure to read through the instructions and attempt all questions.

Linux Essentials 010-050 Exam: Exam Websites

Linux Professional Institute– It offers a wide range of exam materials that the candidates can use to prepare themselves. There are a number of practice tests and quizzes that are available on this site.

PrepAway – The website has got numerous practice questions that the candidates can use to prep themselves. There are also answers available for each test.

ExamSnap – It contains numerous quizzes and test questions that you can use to prepare for your certification test.

Linux Essentials 010-050 Exam: Exam Books

There are a number of books that thestudents can get to read for their exam preparation. They include:

Essential Linux Administration: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners: the book will offer a good knowledge base to help a beginner into the Linux world. It contains all the basic fundamentals of Linux.

Linux: Easy Linux for Beginners: the book is designed to help beginners in the Linux world to know the elements of the Linux OS and the basics of Linux command line.

Beginning the Linux Command Line by Sander Van: this book offers a good starting point for a new student who wants to start learning about Linux and its concepts. It contains a refreshing knowledge base on how to navigate through the Linux’s Command Line.

Vugt: the book covers numerous topics, including management of files, writing scripts, and managing accounts among others. It offers a good starting point for understanding Linux.

Linux Essentials 010-050 Exam: Personal Note of Experience

Personally, I am a proponent of not having discussions on the exam day. This has greatly helped me to have a sober and relaxed mind all through the exam period. My advice is to finish your preparations early enough and give yourself time to relax. Also, ensure that you do not engage in any bad practice so as to avoid being penalized. In addition, I always tried to avoid any kind of distractions while doing the tests and tried to focus fully on the exam I am doing.