How Bookmakers are Building Mobile Betting Platforms


Many industries around the world can be described as fast moving and always wanting to go forward. Amongst those is certainly the betting industry.

What helps bookmakers is the fact that the industry is hugely competitive. If you want to place a bet, there are many bookmakers out there who are all waiting to take your wagers.

They all have to do something to stand out from the crowd, and this is where developments such as mobile betting platforms are created.

If a bookmaker can show they offer the best element of their service when compared to others, or they can offer something that none or few others can, this is when they capitalise and move forward.

If you are looking for somewhere to bet, choosing a trusted bookmaker is important and the service that goes alongside this also has to be top class.

How Mobile Betting is Used by Bookmakers

This is a completely new arm for the bookmakers to promote and it goes very well with something else that they have recently developed, which is in play betting.

Mobile betting allows you to bet in play on sports like basketball, you don’t need to be at home to do this, you can bet from anywhere, even in the office if you wish.

It is also a way of sticking close to your customers. Anyone who has a mobile betting app on their phone effectively has a bookmaker with them in their pocket at all times. This is great for customer retention, a vital factor for bookmakers.

With more and more people turning to mobile betting for a variety of reasons, this is becoming a big battleground for bookmakers. The better the mobile service on offer, the more chance of attracting and keeping customers in the long run based on where projections see mobile betting in the future.

How Has Mobile Betting Improved

The simple answer here is that bookmakers have gone from offering no mobile service to offering mobile versions of their websites and then to what we see now, which is apps for Android and iOS devices.

Not all bookmakers have an app just yet, but the biggest and most successful do, while the others are trying to catch up and create their own apps to compete.

If you are a regular mobile punter then betting on an app is far easier than loading up a mobile site, and in the long run this will certainly be the preferred way to bet.

The quality of mobile phones and the speed of internet connections have both improved in the last decade. That has nothing to do with the betting industry, but the industry has been quick to utilise everything that is available to them.

What Does the Future Look Like?

The future looks bright and the future looks mobile. In 10 years time, if you don’t have a mobile app, the chances are you won’t do very well as a bookmaker.

People are constantly looking for the most convenient way to do things, not always the best, and that is where mobile betting is going to hit its peak.

Not only is it the most convenient, but it will be the best too, so there is unlikely to be much discussion.

Customer retention is becoming a big part of the gambling industry, and mobile apps help with that as once they are on a phone, the bookmaker is always on hand if they are needed.

Look out for further pushes in this field, and generally a very bright future for anyone who prioritises their mobile platform for gamblers. 

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