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How to Choose Between Different Types of Online Slots


Reels, jackpots, payouts, scatter symbols… It is easy to get lost in the lingo of online slots games when navigating the online casino world. If you are a gaming enthusiast who enjoys games of chance, you have probably tried your luck on the numerous versions of online slots that are offered by casinos on the web – a convenient way to play from the comfort of your home, although, it somehow lacks the socializing aspect and the atmosphere that draws some people to land-based casinos.

The Classics: 3 Reel Slots and Fruit Machines

Let’s start with the classics: 3-reel slots are as classic as it gets. These are the games that are also widely known as fruit machines and their layout is pretty simple and straightforward. This makes them perfect for beginners and players who do not want to spend too much time understanding the basics of the slot game they choose or like to change slot games often – but, for other players, their simplicity is a disadvantage, as they prefer the excitement of more complicated and visually compelling slots with interesting themes.


3-reel slots were the first type of slots ever created and you can find classic symbols like cherries, lemons, and other types of fruits, or gold bars and playing cards on them, which brings with it that allure of nostalgia. You can easily get them on an android app and they normally have just one payline – which is the arrangement of three identical symbols in the middle line – but there are also more complicated versions with 3 paylines or even 5.

5 Reels: High Entertainment Factor

This type of more elaborate slot game is probably the most widely enjoyed. It is still easy enough to grasp the basics but it provides the added bonus of themes (usually inspired from movies or entertaining tropes like Ancient Egypt, the jungle, etc.) as well as opening videos, mini-games and amazing animated features that attract players by adding a glamor factor to the game. As the name suggests, they have 5 reels instead of just the basic 3, which makes for more combinations and a wider range of paylines.

They usually have a wild symbol of increased significance that allows you to land a winning combination and get a payout more often. If you take a look at a full article on Avalon slots, which is themed around King Arthur and his famous Knights of the Roundtable, you will see that the wild symbol is a chest of gold, while the scatter symbol that activates free spin bonus rounds is the Lady of the Lake, a character of much importance in the King Arthur myth.

Progressive Jackpot Slots: Big Payouts

This type of slot game deserves an honorable mention, as they offer a unique opportunity to players. Normally, the players on a slot bet on an already set jackpot that does not vary. With progressive jackpot slots, the concept is turned on its head: players across different games bet on a shared jackpot that increases every time any of them takes another spin. This means that players have the chance to win huge payouts, although, when a player lands a payline, the jackpot resets. Microgaming, a leading slots software company that has developed more than 700 games and around 1,200 variations of them since 1994, has estimated that its progressive jackpot games have paid out more than €438 million over time.

These are the basics for beginners in online casinos. According to the amount of time, effort and money you would like to spend, you can choose from these basic types of slot games and take it from there.

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Last modified: June 22, 2018