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How eSports can achieve its full potential


eSports refers to electronic sports and is an industry that is growing at a phenomenal rate. Players play against each other, either individually or in teams, on computers or consoles and these competitions now sometimes take place in big arenas, all over the world in large arenas. These players take their gaming extremely seriously, with the US Government regarding them as professional athletes! On the face of it, it can be difficult to see how the industry now worth $900m can grow much more, but it will.

Technological developments have given gamers the ability to compete online and for eSports to be viewed online vis streaming. As technology continues to grow it is likely that video sharing capabilities will increase, and so will the number of viewers watching eSports. This aspect of eSports is going to continue to grow and will increase revenues in the industry as technologies capabilities increase, opening eSports up to a wider audience.
eSports companies need to find more ways to encourage those who don’t actually play games themselves, to watch others playing game. This is mainly down to the game developers having to make games appealing to viewers and not just those who are actually playing.

As streaming and content creation continue to make more and more opportunities for revenue, more content will be created, which then in turn will attract a wider and larger base of viewers.


Each big eSports tournament now has a massive prize pool, which is in the most part made up of sponsorship money and entrance and viewing figures. The bigger the prize pool is though the more people will be attracted to the events. This will then lead to an increase of the amount of money that current and potential sponsors are willing to spend, which will further increase the prize money available and interest in the event.

In the same way poker tournaments were shown on ESPN, mainly due to the massive pots of money on offer, the same is happening to eSports. We are already seeing the likes of Epic Games guaranteeing $100 million for their Fortnite tournament prize pools. Therefore, it is no surprise that other big names in the industry are keen to set up their own professional teams to compete in these events.

At the moment if you follow a particular eSports team it is not easy to keep track of when they are playing and how they are performing and there is no central platform for this. If this can change and it is made easier to follow a particular eSports team it is likely that they will then start to attract fans and followers, which could then be turned into another revenue stream for the industry.

Furthermore, eSports are currently dominated by PCs and the main consoles on the market, however in future it is likely that we will see eSports taking place on mobile devices. If this does happen it will make it a lot more accessible and it is likely there would be a massive increase in the amount of people participating in eSports.

It is predicted by many experts that the eSports industry will be worth more than $1.5 billion a year by 2021 and it is easy to see how. So it is easy to see why this sports/gaming genre will eventually become as popular as main stream sports such as American Football, soccer and basketball.

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Last modified: December 12, 2018