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How Tech is Changing Classic Casino Games for the Better


Improving on something that is regarded as a classic is usually cited as a difficult task. After all, there is a reason for the tag of “classic” to be applied to a movie, song, game etc. If it’s a classic, then it has stood the test of time and retained a measure of popularity. 

It’s usually seen as a measure of good business sense that you don’t mess to much with a classic formula, and you can really see that has been the case in the casino industry. Casinos in general are steeped in tradition, and that often extends to those playing the games. They enjoy the fact that the games have remained the same across the decades and centuries. 

Yet, technology has upended most things in our lives and even the most-loved table and card games are not immune to its touch. The secret, however, to using tech to improve casino games is by not messing too much with the formula that made them popular in the first place. In short, make a tweak or two, but keep the basic game intact. 


Games Retain Fundamental Elements of Gameplay

For example, a number of jackpot roulette games have come about in the last few years. You can find some examples, like Age of the Gods Roulette, if you check out the games at mansion.com/roulette. These games play exactly the same as standard roulette, but there is a jackpot – a very big jackpot – attached to the games. 

Now, the thing about games like roulette and blackjack is the that the margins of profit, i.e. the house edge, are very low. Yes, it is often portrayed that actually owning a casino is the key to untold riches, but it’s often misunderstood just how fine the margins are. Experienced players know this and often belief they can beat those odds with systems and card counting. 

The point is that players might, somewhat ironically, see a jackpot as an inconvenience. But the developers have had the masterstroke of keeping the jackpot separate from the main game. It is awarded randomly to a player; a winning spin is not even necessary. 

The other important factor is that the funding of the jackpot is achieved by taking a small percentage of each player’s bets, but not enough so that it is noticed or hugely impacts the player’s strategy. The amount taken to fund the jackpot is usually 1% or less. 

Jackpot Contributions Are Unnoticed to Players

That 1% contribution per bet means that it will take a significant number of spins to make the jackpot grow. If you were betting a £1 per spin on roulette, the jackpot would grow by a penny. That would mean it would take ten thousand spins to grow the jackpot by one hundred pounds. 

And, this is where the technology really plays its part: Those jackpots can be worth millions and are paid out relatively frequently. The key is the technology of connectivity. The games developers connect players through different casinos and different countries to all put their proverbial penny in the pot and grow the jackpot. 

While the tech is impressive, it’s still basic economies of scale theory that help make classics like roulette better. You can also find blackjack and poker games that follow the same jackpot formula. Those games too have retained the essence of the gameplay and strategic rules that made them so popular in the first place. Brilliant examples of how technology can use subtle tweaks to improve on classic concepts. 

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Last modified: September 28, 2019