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How to Beat Casino Slots: Cheats vs Strategy


Slot machines have been around for a while now, and since their very first outing, players have been looking for ways to ensure they get a good win – maybe even the big jackpot, whatever that might be. There are two types of players like this; one wants to cheat and one wants to create a strategy. 

Of course, there are players who are just happy to play, knowing that the slots from New UK Casino 666 casino are completely random and that there is nothing they can do to increase their chances of winning, we know that, but for those who do want to try something, here are some thoughts. 

The Cheats

Now, these cheats are not something you can use on an online slot game, and those games are all but impossible to cheat on. If you’re playing a standard fruit machine in a pub or bar, or you’re in a casino, then the following methods might work for you. You must be careful though, because if you’re caught then you’ll be banned and you’ll most likely have to pay back all your winnings too. We don’t advocate cheating, but we do know how it works. 


Fake Coins

People have been using fake coins for decades when it comes to playing on slot machines. They were created by Luis Colavecchio, and they are essentially worthless pieces of metal that are made in the same size and shape – and most importantly weight – as a real coin. So you can ‘trick’ the machine into thinking you have paid in, when in fact you’ve not spent any money at all. 

Modern machines can usually spot a fake pretty easily, though, and you probably won’t be able to use this method in reality. 

Yoyo Coins

In this cheat, you’ll be using a real coin but it will be attached to a piece of string. Once you insert the coin, you can pull it back out again before it gets swallowed up, but after it has been registered. Again, the more modern machines probably won’t let you get away with this, and will snatch your coin away, string or not.

Bill Validators

If you want to get a little more high tech about things, you can use a bill validator to trick the slot machine into thinking you are paying in $100 when in fact you are just paying in $1. Note we talk about dollars here and not pounds. In American, the dollar bills are all the same size and shape, so it is easier to make one look like another. In the UK, the notes are different sizes, shapes, and colours, so it’s much trickier to make a slot machine ‘think’ you’re using one when you’re using something else. 

Cheat The RNG

Every slot machine – online or offline – works on an RNG basis. That means random number generator, and it’s why you can’t predict when a game is going to pay out. However, some clever people have developed devices that can manipulate the RNG to create the exact number you need to win, every time. Obviously, if you can get hold of one of these devices it’s going to be costly, and if you get caught using one it’s going to be confiscated because it’s illegal. 

The Strategies

Most people aren’t comfortable with the idea of cheating, no matter what the prize on offer might be. Yet they still want to do everything (else) they can to win. This is where the strategies come in, and there are a number that you might want to consider. 

Choose High RTPs

The RTP of a game (which stands for return to player) is the percentage chance of winning your stake back. If the RTP was 100 percent, for example, you would get all your money back. There aren’t any machines like that, because the casino has to make their money somehow. But there are slots with RTPs as high as 99 percent, for example, which you can choose to play.

You can choose this option since, by law, each casino game must have its RTP set out for all to see. By picking the games with the highest RTPs as a playing strategy, you can give yourself the very best chance of winning. 

The games with the highest RTPs tend to be the ones with lots of scatters and wilds on the reels. These are more fun to play as well, so it’s a win win (and hopefully a win). 

Use The Bonuses

When you sign up to a new online casino you will often be given a bonus of some sort as a thank you. If you use this bonus carefully (after making sure you read the small print) you can essentially use this ‘free money’ to play with, lengthening your time to play. Plus, if you do win while using these bonuses, you’ll receive real money back, without having had to actually spend out. 

Start Simply

When you’re just starting out you might not realise that some online slots are more complicated than others, but it’s true. If you leap in with some of the more complicated games, you might not enjoy it so much, and it could colour your slot playing forever.

By starting simply, perhaps with a slot that has just three reels and a small number of paylines, you can get the feel for the game before moving onto something else. That way you’ll be more confident and have a better idea of your strategy. 

Another way to do this is to play demo versions of real games. You won’t win anything, but you won’t spend anything either, and you can really get the hang of what you are doing.

Playing Progressive Slots? Bet Max

When you’re ready to move onto progressive slots, which by their very nature are a lot more expensive than normal slots, you need to look at how best to spend that money. The best strategy for most is to opt for the ‘bet max’ stake. This will ensure you are eligible for the big jackpot.

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Last modified: May 25, 2020