How to improve your sports bets

There is no guaranteed way to beat the bookies but this advice from a gambling expert should improve your chances of betting smart.
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Online sports betting is more popular today than it was this time just 12 months ago. Following the removal of the blanket ban in the United States, the easing of gambling restrictions in Canada and the continued success of sportsbook wagering in the United Kindom, it’s a thriving business. Millions of bets are placed across the world every week, with horse racing, soccer, greyhounds, tennis and American Football ranking amongst the most popular. Most bettors make their predictions online through user-friendly websites and smartphone betting apps.

There is no guaranteed way to beat the bookies and make a consistent profit from your gambles, but there are things you can do to improve your chances. In this article, you’ll find some tricks of the trade designed to make you a better-informed sportsbook gambler who is capable of increasing the number of winning bets placed. The advice on this page comes from an online sports betting expert, but it should be remembered. It is the author’s advice and experience on sports betting, not hard and fast rules.

Read on as we detail the best way to get a free bet today at the leading Vegas online sportsbooks, the process behind picking a bet and the features you should look out for when gambling on sports. Think of this as your one-stop for all your online sports gambling needs.

There is no guaranteed way to beat the bookies but this advice from a gambling expert should improve your chances of betting smart.
Google Images Creative Commons Licenses

Join a winning team

The first step when preparing to bet on sports is to create an account with an online bookmaker that is legal and licensed in your region. There are many bookies to consider and with each promoting themselves as being the best in the business. It can sometimes to difficult to know which bookie to trust. Do your homework, compare and contrast all the available betting apps. You’re looking for one with a wide range of sports and betting markets, generous odds and promotions, a user-friendly app and live streaming.

Look for a bookmaker that gives new customers a welcome bonus free bet. This is a promotion that is designed to encourage you to sign-up at one sportsbook while ignoring the competition. When it comes down to a few sites that look similar, the best way to separate them is the welcome bonus. Go for the one that is bigger and easier to make a profit from. Be sure to read the terms and conditions attached to the deal before signing up. Doing so will ensure you have a strong understanding of how the promo works, what’s involved, how you can use it to target a profit and what is expected of you as a registered member of that online betting business.

The kind of promotions that are popular today includes free bets and risk-free bets. It’s worth knowing that there are no rules on how many bookies you can join. The more online betting accounts you create, the more welcome bonus free bets you’ll receive. This approach also improves your chances of getting the market best odds on every bet you choose. Sign up for an account at as many bookies as you like, take the free bet, test out the service then make a decision on whether or not it is for you.

Research is key to success

Regardless of the sport, you are betting on and how you are placing those wagers – at a land-based sportsbook, casino or online – it’s crucial you do your research. Think of it like this, the more research you do into a bet, the more chance you’ll have of beating the bookies and making a profit. You can be sure the bookies’ trading team have done the necessary research, so you must too if you are to help even the score. 

Look at the form of both teams, the head to head stats and injury news. Check out interviews, previews and footage of recent games. There is no such thing as doing too much research, and all the information you needs is accessible using the internet, so there’s no reason to cut corners or make bets without doing the work. 

Often, when you are researching a match, a race or a fight, you’ll discover a trend that will lead you to a bet. It could send you in a different direction than you had already planned, but there are many ways to bet on sports.

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