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Legalization of Online Gambling


Online gambling is the most popular form of gambling. It includes casino, sports and poker betting. Online betting began in October 1994. Statistics show that it generates $40 billion each year. Betway88 allows gamblers to place different types of online bets. Even so, some nations ban or restrict online gambling. It is important to understand the gambling laws of a certain region to avoid being prosecuted. In this article, we discuss the growth and legalization of online gambling.

The Growth of Online Gambling

An improved internet connection and advanced technology have promoted the growth of the online betting industry. Online sports betting and casino gambling are the most profitable types of online gambling. Still, some nations do not allow any form of online betting.

Online gambling has developed in more than 70 countries. They have gambling laws that regulate betting firms and determine the age of punters. Thus, it is necessary to follow international and local gambling policies before you set up a bookie in any country. Besides, pundits trust companies that have a gambling license from relevant authorities.


Belgium, Canada, Finland, and Sweden don’t issue gambling licenses to foreign bookmakers. Instead, they only allow local firms to operate. Close to 39 nations have banned online casinos while 93 countries prohibit all types of online gambling. It is prudent for traveling gamblers who wager at Betway98 to check the gambling policies of their destinations to avoid breaking the law.

Online Gambling Regulations in Different Countries

Here is an insight into how several countries regulate online gambling:

  1. Netherlands

The Netherlands hasn’t confirmed the Gaming Bill since 2010. Political disagreements have delayed its review and implementation. The upper house of the Dutch parliament last voted for it in 2016. A Netherlands lobbying group urged the government to review the online betting regulation act last year.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland passed the Swiss Gaming Act early last year. The whole country voted it through a referendum on June 10 and the Federal Council confirmed it. The law increased punters’ protection and promotes licensed online betting. Switzerland banned unregistered and foreign betting firms.

  1. The United States

Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are some of the states in the U.S. that have legalized sports and online casino gaming. Yet, they have a high tax rate. More states might allow online gambling this year.

  1. The United Kingdom

Britain passed the UK Gambling Act in 2005. It prohibits unlicensed operators from offering any gambling services. The law has promoted fairness and safety in the gambling industry. The UK Gambling Commission controls gambling in the country and fines betting firms that have flawed systems.

  1. Sweden

Sweden launched a gambling regulation act on January 1, 2019. The Lotteriinspektionen granted licenses to 16 bookies that will provide gambling services in the country, according to Wagered.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand has a Department of Internal Affairs that regulated online gambling through The Gambling Commission. Online casinos are banned from operating in the nation. But, gamers can play video games in foreign casinos.

Online gambling has a significant impact on the economies of many countries. Bookmakers pay tax and gambling license fee to operate in different nations. Typically, betting firms such as Betway88 prefer setting up bases in regions that allow online gambling. They include Alderney, Gibraltar, Macau, and Malta.

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Last modified: February 21, 2020