Offers that You Should Avoid for Online Slots


Online casinos offer tons of promotions and bonuses for slot machine players. These promotions can range from hundreds to get spins for free to slots tournaments, regular cashback, and free credits. However, all of these promotions are not worth claiming, and there are several good reasons for that.

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Some Slot Promotions

Here are a few reasons why you should not claim specific promotions or bonuses offered on slot machines.

Higher Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are the most crucial aspect to consider while claiming a slot promotion. These are of immense importance because they decide how much you will have to wager before withdrawing your bonus credits. It would help if you always avoided a promotion that is subjected to burdensome wagering requirements. For instance, if the wagering requirement for a slot promotion is 50x, then you’ll have to wager 500 credits of your hard-earned money to withdraw ten bonus credits. And that isn’t a good deal from any aspect.

Time Limits

Online casinos love to put time limits on all of their promotions. For instance, most of the online casinos require new players to play through the wagering requirements within 48 hours or otherwise, their slot bonus will turn null and void. This is a common tactic used by online casinos to lure players into spending more than they want to within a limited time. That might be hugely beneficial for the casinos, but it cannot be helpful for the players. So, avoid claiming slot promotions that have specific time frames.

Enormous Deposits

Sometimes you’ll be asked to deposit thousands of credits only to claim a few free spins. And, that’s again a trap laid out by the online casinos to make you spend more than you want. Therefore, Don’t fall for any promotion that needs you to deposit higher amounts of money to get a few free spins.

Slot Promotions You Should Avoid

Here are a few of the slot promotions that you should avoid while playing at an online casino.

Deposit Free Spins

As mentioned above, these are the promotions that require players to make hefty deposits only to return a small number of free spins. These campaigns should be avoided because the amount you’ll be spending might be higher than what you’ll be getting.

Slot Specific Promotions

It would help if you also avoided promotions offered on specific slots because these rewards are usually delivered on low paying machines that will not be able to return your wagers. However, that is not the case with promotions offered on newly added slots machines. Those rewards are provided as an advertising campaign and could be pretty beneficial for the players.

Geo Restricted Promotions

It would be best if you always avoided slot promotions that are offered for a specific region. For instance, a casino offers free spin promotion exclusively for its Indian users. Players from the other areas might also try to claim the bonus with the help of a VPN. Remember, you might be able to claim the prize, but you will not be able to cash out the rewards even if you meet the wagering requirements. This is because the withdrawal for these promotions is also geo-restricted and cannot be transferred to any other part of the world.

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