From Online Casinos to Assasin’s Creed: How Online Gaming Development Drives Innovation in Canada


Canada’s economy relies on many sectors like industry and education, but there is a conscious effort in recent years to further boost the country’s standings with regard to technology development and innovation. It seems that this trend has tapped into a great potential in an industry that is often overlooked when it comes to tech rankings: online and video gaming.

Casinos Invest in Constantly Adding New Games

Canadians are well-versed in the gaming world and seem to have a passion for online games. Traditional games like poker and dice that have in the past years been transferred into the virtual world and with the establishment of online casinos, they are now among the favorite games played online across countries. In Canada in particular, several dedicated online casinos offer a wide array of games like blackjack and online slot games that compete with one another by offering big payouts, bonuses and free spins to players. One of the attractions of online casinos, when compared to their land-based counterparts, is the variety of games they offer under one virtual roof.


For example, Playtech casinos offer more than 500 different games, including table games, card games and even live games, which are also available on mobile apps that work on smartphones and tablets. Active since 1999, Playtech combines entrepreneurs from the casino, multimedia and software engineering industries and boasts of aiming to add over 50 games annually to its array – which is a clear sign that online casinos are very focused towards innovation with the aim of bringing more gamblers in and keeping old clients happy.

Video Gaming Industry Boosts Innovation

The video game industry has also established a stronghold in Canada, contributing to the country’s economy. The Canadian gaming industry counts some of the most widely enjoyed video games across the world among its successes. The FIFA series of soccer games are developed through EA Vancouver, while Bioware in Edmonton produces the Mass Effect trilogy – and of course, Assassin’s Creed of worldwide renown is developed by none other than Ubisoft Montreal. As the Entertainment Software Association of Canada reports, Canada ranks third in terms of game development globally, behind only the US and Japan. The sector contributes 3 billion CAD to the GDP of Canada, while it is home to 472 studios and has created more than 20,000 jobs.

According to a report by ESAC and Nordicity that examined the state of play in terms of game development and innovation in 2017, 50% of companies stated that they had produced a minimum of one new innovative project during 2017, while almost 70% claimed the development of an innovative product. This means that game development is among the most prolific industries when it comes to new ideas. In fact, studios report that almost 20% of their expenses go towards research and development, which seems like a wise investment, since they also state that 60% of their profits were made on innovative products. ESAC also pinpointed virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality as the areas that were mainly driving innovation.

It seems that the rest of the industries in Canada have a lesson or two to learn from the gaming world’s focus on exploring new horizons – let’s hope that more funds will be allocated towards tech development and innovation.