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Online slot addiction problems: Signs and Symptoms


What is an addiction and who are the people most inclined to this kind of behaviour? Addiction is a behavioural disorder that brings people to do the same thing over and over again in spite of the consequences. People with mental disorders tend to be more affected by these types of behaviours.

Playing slot online is an extremely entertaining activity. Being relaxing and very easy to perform, you can turn your brain off for a while and win some extra money at the same time. Unfortunately, not all players can set clear borders and stop when it is the right time. It is best to visit and play new online slots only for a little time or else, you’ll be in trouble. What are the consequences of prolonged exposure to slot machines on players? Let’s see the most common online addiction problems, their signs and symptoms. 


How can you recognise you a gambling-addicted? One of the most typical signs of addiction is isolation. Players who show this symptom often isolate themselves from the world around them. They think nobody can understand their needs. They also tend to lose their order of priorities. Games come first, always. It doesn’t matter whether they have a family or important issue at work, they are convinced that by winning, they will solve the rest of the problems. 


Fixed idea

The fact they don’t give the right importance to things around them brings players to start to think only about games. Even when they are celebrating an important family’s events or they are out for a pizza, they can’t stop thinking about casino games. They also stop dedicating to some recreational activities they used to find very motivating in the past. No time for friends or some sport. 

Loss of the real value of money 

Another misconception that contrasts with reality is the idea they can always catch up with the money they have lost playing. How? By playing over and over again until they win. 

Loss of self-esteem 

The fact they lose money brings players to start considering themselves losers. The negative feeling coming from the frustration of wasting money has very negative consequences. This may lead to lack of motivation or depressive symptoms.  

They become extremely moody 

One day they think they can conquer the world. The day after, after losing a match after another, they feel weak, stupid and extremely unsatisfied. Moodiness is another consequence of addiction to gambling. 

They start asking for money 

Money is never enough. To catch up with all the money lost, these players may even start asking other people to lend some money. Even if only little loans at the beginning, the amount of money they ask their parents, wife or their best friend tend to increase every day more.  This means they have entered a loop they can’t come out. 

They eat only occasionally and wash less 

Even personal cleanliness becomes less important. Eating some warm food while sitting around a table in their homes is a rarity. Everything can wait. They start convincing that playing is more important than anything else.  

How to overcome slot addiction 

If you have recognised any or more than one of these behaviours, you need to ask for help immediately. Considering the degree of addiction to gambling, there are different solutions you can adopt to come out from it.

Accept your problem 

The first step when dealing with a problem is accepting the problem itself. When you have accepted there is something wrong in your attitude, you are already near to a solution. 

Ask your friend or family to help you 

Sometimes you can’t do it on your own. You need to ask for help. To come out from an addiction can be very hard, especially when this behaviour has become too eradicated. That’s why a person who knows and loves you is the best aid you may ask for. At the first stage of your recovery process, you may need to have people around you most of your time. Especially at the beginning, the danger of making the same mistakes is always around the corner. 

Find a new pastime 

Start looking at things from a new perspective. Take on new activities or meet interesting people. Keeping your energy and brain focused on something else may help you give the right importance to things. 

Do some psychotherapy 

Sometimes even the help of our loved ones is not enough. Coming out from addiction can become harder than you expected. Especially when you have been in the wrong direction for too long before asking for help. 

In this case, it is better to ask for some help from experienced people. We are referring to a psychologist or a mental health counsellor. Don’t be afraid. This doesn’t mean you have something wrong.  You are just temporarily weak. After receiving the proper help, you need, you will become stronger and you will take your life back. 

Having some experienced help may also help you understand there are other issues in your life you have never dealt with. What makes you so unsatisfied? Why do you see casino games as the only way to escape from your life? Sometimes we don’t even realize that addictive behaviours are just the symptoms of something that don’t work in our lives and not the cause. Only an expert can help you deal with these problems. 

How to avoid becoming a slot addicted 

Playing slots don’t cause addiction per se. Generally, avoid playing if you are facing a difficult period in your life or if you know you are inclined to depression. Of course, some little tips can help you play responsibly. 

Set a budget and stick with it. This will help you avoid wasting money. Also, set a timeframe to play. Playing at slots should be just a pastime or an activity among the others. Don’t make it become ‘the activity’. Join a gym or start having long walks. Physical movements release endorphins. This protein makes you feel satisfied. Also, if you think you can’t discipline yourself on your own, play only with other people nearby.

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Last modified: January 10, 2020