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Rules of Roulette


Les jeux sont faits. This is the sentence we hear when the croupier sets the end of the time suitable for betting.

The roulette was born in France more than two centuries ago, and it is the result of a blend of three different games.

Thanks to its fortuity, this game has become one of the most appreciated ones among the others. It is also one of the oldest games which don’t make use of cards available in the casino. But beware, you need to have the best roulette strategy to seal a win.


Game explained

Looking from above, the game presents itself like a wheel and a green (the original colour probably was different, and today there are a few different colours available) cloths.

The wheel has 37 sections, in the French version, and for each section corresponds a number from 0 to 36.

The number on the wheel is placed in a specific order, but they are absolutely not consecutive.

Another important detail which immediately catches your eye is the background colour behind each number.

Apart from the 0 which has a green background, the numbers have a black or red background.

Also, the background colours respect a pattern, they must be alternated, one red and one black.

How to play Roulette

Everything starts with the croupier pronouncing the sentence “let the game begin”.

The players place their bets on the table and the wheel starts its spin.

In a few seconds, the croupier launches the little white ball on the wheel, making it spin on the opposite way than the wheel.

After an undefined number of rotations, the ball loses its thrust and falls on a number.

The players who guessed correctly win the match and get a reward accordingly.

This game is either amazing and complex. Although playing is one of the easiest things ever, there are several rules to follow and respect, but don’t worry the croupier knows everything and will tell you what to do and how to do it.

Possible bets

Below we are going to make an overview of the main bets available for the roulette.

We will try to cover the most important ones, considering that the possible combinations are too many to be explained in details on a single article avoiding to make it boring.

The most common bet is the single number. The player can choose a number among the other which, in his opinion will be the one on which the ball will stop.

This bet will pay 36 times the stakes. It is the most rewarding one and the most complicated.

The second most common bet is the colour. The player can place his bet on a colour, red or black.

If he has guessed right, the reward will be 18 times the stake, this also is one of the most rewarding ones.

Odd or Even. Easy to guess what this bet means.

If the player has placed his stake on Odd and the ball will land on an Even number, he/she will lose everything.

On the contrary, if he or she has guessed right, the reward will be 18 times the stake.

There are also several different ways to bet. On the group of number, the player places the fish on sequences of number which are consecutive on the wheel.

On the corner, where the player can bet on a little group of three or four numbers.

You can also bet on a cross. In this occasion, the fish goes on the lines which separate four number on the table.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of possible bets and combinations available for the roulette, and each one of them is paid accordingly, depending on the possible chance of winning.

We suggest you spend a few minutes to rear them all, just to understand if in your opinion it is worth it.

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Last modified: May 25, 2020