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5 Essential Online Tools for Sports Bettors in 2020


5 Essential Online Tools for Sports Bettors in 2020

With a solid and expanding base of participants, sports betting is a steadily growing form of digital gambling. The competition among sports bettors is likewise increasing. Fortunately, there are sports betting tools available online that can help make betting easier and lower risk.

Placing bets on a sporting event is both a rewarding and adrenaline-inducing experience. Part of the fun comes with the chance to watch your favourite team play. You also have an opportunity to earn good money at the end of each game.

At first glance, it may seem like sports betting on platforms like sbobet is a reasonably easy job to fulfill—but without a tried-and-tested array of resources at your disposal, it can be a tricky endeavor.


Five Spectacular Online Tools for Sports Betting

Odds Calculator

An odds calculator helps you determine and estimate the possibility for a particular bet to win. By calculating potential wins that a bet can bring, you get a clearer view of the value you’ll get in return for each wager. 

Opt for an odds calculator app that supports equations and computations in different formats. There are numerous options on the market, such as BetCalculator from AceOdds or the Sports Betting Calculator from Gary Smith. 

Onside Sports

Onside Sports is an app that offers a good all-in-one experience. From providing betting statistics to reports of injuries to players that could impact your bet, the app serves as a detailed and helpful reference.


The sports betting app Betegy is widely known for its unique system for predicting game results. It has a high accuracy rate. It makes use of reliable sports betting statistics, making it a must-have tool in ensuring higher success rates for most online sports betting practices.


This tool is unique in that it offers the most powerful advantage of all—experience. Betsfy is a social media app for bookmakers, betters, tipsters, and even professional coaches. While some of the information on the site comes at a fee (you can sell your own content as well), much of the insight from professionals is offered up for free.

Bet Stack

Unlike odds calculator apps, Bet Stack is for your personal records. It allows you to track all your bets in one place, set notifications for events, and view statistics on your wins, losses, earnings, and more. It may not necessarily help you win more, but it will help you know if you’re losing more than you win. 

Increase Your Odds
Sports betting requires background and skill in determining which bets will generate the best possible outcome. It also entails having to discriminate between wagers and find out which one offers the highest value or worth. In other words, good judgment and accuracy are the fundamental elements that make for a successful bet. 

Sports betting can be quite a stressful responsibility at times. However, when paired with the right attitude and skills—and the most helpful online betting tools available—it transforms into a very rewarding job.

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Last modified: March 2, 2020