Official Google Adsense App Now Available for Android on Play Store


Google has at last released a new Android app for Adsense users . The app will now allow millions of Adsense users across the world to check out and manage their Adsense earnings on their android devices . Being the first version of this app the Google Adsense app now has only limited access to users key earnings information, top custom and URL channels, ad units and sites reports and payment...

Google Chromecast brings video streaming to the Televisions


Google has announced a new device called Chromecast , the device is very similar in looks to a USB flash drive . The device allows you to stream content from Netflix, Google Play and more to your television from your Phone or tablet . Chromecast works with all android tablets , smartphones , Ipads , Iphones and chrome for mac/windows . The 2-inch device runs “a simplified version of Chrome...

Download new Google Nexus 7 wallpapers


Amidst a lot of speculation , Google has announced the new Google nexus 7 for 2013 . The new Nexus 7 tablet was similar as depicted in few leaked images  in the previous 24 hours . The new Google nexus was announced alongside the latest version of Android 4.3 , which will be running on the new nexus 7 . The Tablet is powered by a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 pro Quad core processor CPU with 2GB of RAM ...

New Nexus 7 benchmarked and detailed : Snapdragon S4, 2GB RAM, 1920*1200 Screen


Its time to rejoice for all nexus 7 fans . The good Guys over Android police have got their hand on the new nexus 7 for 2013 . They have been super excited and have provided some details and specifications about the new nexus 7 . New Nexus 7 Hardware: As rumoured , the new nexus 7 has a 1920*1200p screen with a pixel density of 320ppi . The tablet is powered by a quad core s4 snapdragon pro...

New Nexus 7 out for preorder on Bestbuy.com for both 16GB and 32GB flavors


Bestbuy.com is now taking preorders for the new nexus 7 for 2013 , which has been code named razor . While the benchmarks and specifications of the device has been already out .  The nexus 7 is out for pre-order in both 16GB and 32GB flavors . The new Nexus 7 has the following specs : Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro @ 1.5GHz processor with Adreno 320 GPU 2GB DDR3 RAM 7″...

Google Chrome shortcuts for Windows


Google chrome is one of the most used web browsers today . No doubt it is one of the fastest web browsers . With its  minimal design and sophisticated technology it makes browsing the web much  faster, safer, and easier than the other web browsers . Below you can find all the Google chrome shortcuts for windows . Mastering these shortcuts can help you save a lot of time . Some of the important...

Use google to find out about Uttarakhand flood victims


India is witnessing one of the most terrible tragedies to happen so far in its history . Thousands of persons are missing and dead while many are stranded  due to the flash floods in Uttarakhand . Rescue operations are being carried out by army personal in the flood affected areas of Uttarakhand . Due to bad weather conditions there has been many hindrances to army rescue operations . Internet...

Use Reverse Image Search to find Similar Images


Reverse image search is a useful technique where in a search engine takes a image file as an input and returns results related to the images . This service can help you to use Google search more effectively . Today almost 70% of the internet users are unaware of the existence of these services . We are going to show you how to use reverse image search feature in Google images to search for...

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