Download Wikipedia Articles on Computer and Phones for Offline Reading


Did you know that you can download Wikipedia articles for offline reading on computers and phones ? . Yes there are many ways of downloading Wikipedia articles for offline use . One simple hack was to use leaching softwares like HTtrack to download Wikipedia’s pages . But Wikipedia now does not the allow use of leaching softwares to download its content . Let us find out how we can download...

mOwayduino : Robotics for everyone


Minirobots is a Spanish company, which is working to launch a new product, the Mowayduino robot. To do this they have launched a campaign in Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Minirobots is a Start up but with a very clear idea about what they want to offer society.Their aim is to develop resources that bring technology to society and make programming accessible to everyone. mOwayduino is a free...

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