Bulk Resize and Compress Images with Python and Pillow


As a web developer, I have come across websites that performed very poorly in terms of loading speed. The main reason being they had too many unoptimized images. Generally, images have to be optimized through resizing and compression to save bandwidth both for the webserver and viewer. Thanks to advancements in image compression, we now have image formats such as webp which require very less...

Empty all Files in Linode’s Object Storage Bucket and Delete it


I have been using Linode’s object storage for a year now. Its been primarily used to serve image files for one of my projects. In comparison to its competitor’s offering, Linode’s object storage is definitely much affordable than what Google and Amazon are offering. In fact, Linode’s comparison shows the price difference is almost 900%.  Linode’s object storage is 900% cheaper than...

mOwayduino : Robotics for everyone


Minirobots is a Spanish company, which is working to launch a new product, the Mowayduino robot. To do this they have launched a campaign in Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Minirobots is a Start up but with a very clear idea about what they want to offer society.Their aim is to develop resources that bring technology to society and make programming accessible to everyone. mOwayduino is a free...

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