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Technology and Gambling: An unbeatable combination


From the outset, the gambling and betting industry has been known to use technology and innovation to make sure it stays relevant and accessible. We have to thank digitization and tech innovation for the sophisticated gambling facilities we see today. Not surprisingly, gambling is now literally at your fingertips, any time you like. 

Your smartphone is virtually a casino with so many options and choices. As the large part of the gambling industry becomes digital, there is no need to visit a brick and mortar casino. Here are some recent trends and technologies that are transforming the gambling industry:

Online gambling

The proliferation of mobile devices and easy availability of the Internet has transformed every sector and business. The gambling business too has transformed drastically. Since the essence of gambling and online casino lies in making simple calculations and implementing ‘chance’ in a random manner, computers use this fundamental principle to enable gambling easily and effectively.


In online gambling, only very little information is exchanged between the user and the server. Therefore, Internet-based gambling is incredibly convenient and secure. 

One of the most common forms of online gambling is poker. Visit any online casino and you will find newer varieties of poker that have been digitally developed. In recent years, almost every casino game has been created virtually. 

Alternatively, if you want to play real money roulette, then you can do easily by visiting any of the online casinos. In fact, online casinos now provide some exciting variants such as European Roulette, Golden Chip Roulette, and Double Ball Roulette etc. 

Use your smartphone

Smartphones have made it easier to access our favorite apps and websites anywhere. Whether it is a long commute or waiting in a queue, your phone holds the answer when boredom strikes. Gambling has become fully portable, thanks to smartphones. You can access many casinos and gambling sites using either the mobile-friendly website or a mobile app.

Gambling operators have been able to leverage these new platforms and operating systems to provide a more realistic gambling experience. 

You can also download apps for specific casino games or simply visit the website where you can pick and choose. 

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in Gambling

Every sector is making use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize its processes and outcomes. The gambling industry too makes use of data modeling and predictive analytics to serve the customers better. With the help of these technologies, casinos can understand customer preferences better. It also allows online casinos to keep a track of the user’s history. Using this data, casino can provide better and more predictive recommendations to the players and improve their gaming experience.

Virtual Reality in Gambling

The next big thing in the world of online casinos is virtual reality or VR. VR casinos may be in the infancy stage but they are already a reality. One of the most popular choices for an immersive VR casino experience is slot machines. When you visit a VR casino, you will feel like you are in fact visiting a live casino, in one of the sleekest of buildings with luxury interiors and the latest machines. You will also notice a lounge, a bar and many other casino games. 

Using Networks 

Online gamblers who play games like slots can now also compete against each other. This is due to the advancements in networking technology. Gamblers can win a jackpot if they pool together their bankrolls and increase their chances of winning a bigger prize.

The next generation of online gambling

One of the hottest trends that is predicted to impact the online gaming industry is that of block chain technology. Ever since Bitcoin was launched in 2018, it has opened up the world to a decentralized, online ecosystem that has use cases across industries. It is predicted that, block chain will soon be a part of the online gambling industry to provide operators and players, a secure, safe and transparent model for transactions. There are significant benefits to using block chain for gambling, including micro-betting, automatic payouts using smart contracts. 

On the whole, the gambling industry has come a long way, thanks to modern technology. Players can now enjoy gambling on the go, socialize with other players, make competitive gambles and even simulate the real world casinos using virtual reality.

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Last modified: January 20, 2020