Three reasons why most gambling apps can be found only on Android


Android is Google’s mobile operating system that took over the world in the last couple of years. Old-school smartphone users might remember that iOS had more customers during the times of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, but nowadays, things are different. Although iOS continues to get better with every new update, Android is the more popular option for online betting because almost every smartphone uses this mobile OS. Needless to say, Apple is the only company that uses iOS, so unless you have an iPhone, you can’t take advantage of its benefits. As for the other mobile operating systems, they are not as popular as the two we’ve mentioned above, at least for now. Huawei’s OS might become the go-to option for some people in the future, but for now, it isn’t a force to be reckoned with.

Since Android has billions of users, it is also the preferred mobile platform for online bettors. Having said that, let’s go over a few reasons why most gambling apps are only available on Android.

  1. Android lets some gambling sites utilize their full potential

One thing that attracts many developers to Android is that the platform is easy to work with. That’s one of the reasons why users who check the latest BoyleSports .apk file for Android released by Nostrabet will notice that the app offers pretty much everything that they can find on the desktop site. The developers wanted to make sure that users will have a trouble-free betting experience, so they decided to copy the desktop platform.

Most gambling brands also do that, but only for their Android app. It seems like this is more difficult to do on iOS, which explains why some iOS apps look different from the Android ones. 

  1. Some betting promotions only work for Android

Another thing that makes Android the preferred mobile OS for gamblers is the different promotions. Mobile bettors who have the privilege of going to Nostrabet and downloading and installing the BoyleSports apk for Android will also have the option to avail themselves of every promotion. Some of you might not be surprised because promotions play a huge role in the iGaming industry’s popularity. Usually, there are loads of offers for registered clients, welcome promos, VIP clubs, and more.

Since Android is the preferred platform for most developers, they often create special offers that only work if you use this OS. Therefore, don’t be disappointed if some of your favorite rewards are not available on iOS.

  1. In some cases, Apple’s regulations might be more strict

Another reason why some of the betting operators only offer a mobile app for Android is because of Apple’s regulations. The U.S. company is known for the fact it has to approve every app that is on its platform. Consequently, developers have to adhere to more regulations to upload their apps to the App Store.

Although Google also has a lot of rules that companies must comply with, it seems like they are not as strict.

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