Top 5 Features for a Mobile Betting App


Mobile betting has made things so much easier. Instead of walking down to your local sports betting place, all you need to do is open an application on your phone. Everything you need is at your fingertips, but if you’re not getting a flawless betting experience, your app may not be offering the right features.

Choosing an app with the best features will take your betting experience to another level. It isn’t only superficial changes, but a better-designed mobile betting app can also improve your chances of making the right choice – earning you that coveted payout.

1. Security

When it comes to your money, there is one feature that is always the most important – security. The security of a mobile betting app is hard to determine without knowing what you’re looking for.

You should consider the software that the betting app uses. If there is not enough information regarding this, then you should be cautious. If you find a seal of approval from a reputable security company that does in-depth security audits, like the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCogra), then you can be quite confident when spending your money there.

Licencing is another important aspect. The more countries a betting site is licensed from, the better. This will allow players from many countries to take part in their servers.

2. Close

The close-out betting option is a great addition to a mobile betting app. Have you ever made a bad bet and realised your mistake immediately? Or maybe you just had a feeling that the bet isn’t going to go your way? Well, then the close-out option is your best friend.

You will sometimes lose some money (if you’re closing an unfavourable bet), but you can also win money sometimes. It all depends on the odds, but being able to cancel your bet at any time is something we think all great mobile betting apps should have.

3. Betting Odds

You’ll want to look around for the apps that offer the best odds, but for the most part, they are all quite similar. What you should consider is how up-to-date the odds are.

The best mobile betting apps offer live betting odds via in-play and live stream features. This ensures that you are always staying ahead of what is happening, allowing you to make the most informed decisions.

 In-play betting is popular for Premier League football matches. When the match is in motion, you have a plethora of markets to wager. Bet on the next goal scorer, the next payer to receive a yellow card, or if there are multiple players on a yellow card, you can place a bet on whether there will be a red card.

Premier League betting markets are available on the top online bookies sites, and to find the ones with the best free bets you can read reviews by websites such as You will find online sports books with the best Premier League betting odds, in-play markets, enhanced odds, and even grab hold of a bonus bet for some of the best games of the weekend.

4. Background Information

Even if you are up-to-date with the latest sporting results, it’s always best to have the information in front of you when placing a bet. The best mobile betting apps provide background information for the teams or players involved.

Just by looking at the various teams, and their forms, you can develop a stronger betting strategy.

5. User Experience

If the user experience of a mobile betting app is bad, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of it is. You need to have an app that is easy-to-use and doesn’t require you to break an arm and a leg just to place a simple bet. Concise menus, easily visible bet options, and decent loading times are all things to consider.

A mobile betting app is everything you need to take your experience to the next level. But you need to make sure that you aren’t suffering from a bad app. The best apps have the five features we mentioned above, so look out for them!

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