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Top Factors in Building a Horse Racing App


Horse racing and betting have long been one of the most legal form of sports wagering in many countries across the world. The fascinating sport is loved by thousands of people and has fans all over the globe. The attraction with horse racing is not just the entertainment of watching such a thrilling spot but also participating in betting. 

Internet and technology have had a huge impact on the gambling and betting industry. Horse racing is no different. Online betting has attracted the attention of millions because of the sheer convenience and entertainment at the click of a mouse or simply the tap of your fingertips. 

Many betting enthusiasts are now betting online for real money and enjoying the thrill of betting so easily and effectively. 


This is because sports betting software development has opened up a world of opportunities for gambling. Evolution in technology, rise in the number of betting websites and mobile apps has offered an alternative platform to horse-racing fans to place their bets.

However, user engagement and user retention present the biggest challenge to app developers. To build such an app, the developer must have a strong strategy and understand user experience and expectations well.

Top Criteria for Online Horse Racing App

  1. UX: User experience is one of the most critical factors when building any gambling or betting app. This is especially important when building a horse racing app. Ensure that it has the most smooth user journeys and an attractive UI. This means the app should be highly accessible with a smooth navigation and intuitive experience. 
  1. App functionality: A horse betting app must of course include useful features and functions. Such as an effective search function and social networking capabilities. Ensure the functionality is more touch based and less focused on keywords. 
  2. Live Streaming: A horse racing app would not be complete without live streaming. Ensure that the design makes live streaming possible. 
  3. Security: All betting apps as a rule must be safe and secure. You need to make sure that the customers feel secure and safe while placing a wager using your app. It is also a question of the app’s reputation. 
  4. Help Guide: Provide a help center or a help guide for first time users of apps. Some of the better designed apps also provide support number/email addresses and a FAQs page that enables bettors to get on board quickly.
  5. Betting odds: Explain the betting odds well and ensure the app is updated to reflect the current and latest information about playing teams and their performance. Gambling is all about the information and make sure you are accurate at all times. 
  6. Multi-lingual support: Betting is popular across the world. By creating a language option, you will encourage many users to enjoy the sport, no matter their place of residence, as long as it is legal in their country.

Tips to build an outstanding horse racing app:

A great racing app has a lot to offer its users. But the absolute bare minimum requirement is that of win markets that feature the ‘best odds guaranteed’ concessions. Also, consider that ‘double result’ offers (paid for disqualified horses) should be a part of the standard terms and conditions.

What are users most interested in? Betting fans will tell you that they look for websites and apps that have the best offers. So concessions like ‘money returned if second to the SP favorite’ and ‘free bets for all 3/1+ winners’ will add to the value of your horse racing app.

Another factor is the market depth. Market savvy punters demand a lot more than the usual ‘win’ and ‘each-way’ markets. So design your market depth accordingly. 

The difference between a great horse racing betting app and a good one is markets like ‘without the favorite’, ‘jollies vs rags’ and ‘match betting’.

Horse racing apps that can’t broadcast races live on mobile app will lose out to apps that can. 

Live racing pictures have a remarkable attraction for betters. Punters can react to the betting changes and developments in real time. They can also bet ‘in-play’ as the races unfold on their screens.


Gone are the days of jotting down on a betting slip, calling your bookie or attending a live horse racing event. The modern gambler wants to do it with a few taps on the smartphone or a few clicks of the website. Betting is going to be transformed like never before. 

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Last modified: January 20, 2020