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Top Tech Solutions to the Big Two Annoyances on the Internet


Since computers and the internet in general have long since moved beyond the realm of geeky affectation to necessary personal and business tools, there have been some problems which have become an increasing annoyance in our daily lives. Whether through an attempt to take advantage of end users, or to protect the host’s businesses, these annoyances can be a constant hindrance to both our enjoyment and professional work. In this article we’ll go over the two most common issues which crop up for the majority of people at one time or another, and how the end-user might work to alleviate these difficulties.

Cloying and Interruptive Advertisements

While the landscape of online pop-up ads may not be as open a drain on your computer bandwidth and processing power as it was back in the days of the 56k, there are still a wide variety of websites which either do not know they harbour intrusive advertisements, or do not care. As these advertisements can be inappropriate and can actually insert vulnerabilities into your system and work to take advantage of the technologically naïve (how many ads has your Grandma clicked today?), it’s only natural to want an opportunity to block these out completely. Fortunately, with the quality of today’s adblockers, this is easier than ever.


Before we recommend a solution, we also feel we should point out the importance of white-listing – removing these blockers from working on websites you trust. You might hate ads, but remember that a wide range of your favourite websites use advertisements to stay online, so it’s important to support those who still treat their users with respect.

As for which blocker is right for you, you can’t go wrong with the simplicity which is Adblock Plus.

Blocked Websites

Mobile devices and free Wi-Fi are one of the most useful combinations of technology in our modern lives, yet so often they come with the problem of limited access. Websites or services on which we tend to rely are often cut off, either in the interest of saving bandwidth over a shared system or through an overzealous blocking net, but either way, the result can be frustrating. Not being able to access important emails or messages on the go because of these blockages can be a painful issue, though not an insurmountable one.

Simple Virtual Private Network (VPN) services can work as a way around these blockages, giving their users the same level of access they would expect from a home connection. There are dozens of services out there, like the one listed in this review, which can help us escape from the digital bonds of free Wi-Fi, and the tech is only getting better. Just remember to use these responsibly, as using a VPN only to take as much bandwidth as is possible from other active users is very much a modern social faux pa.

Solving Issues Yourself

While there are dozens or hundreds of commonly shared problems which arise through the use of modern technologies, we have to point out the importance of only utilizing trusted sources. We at Techverse put a lot of effort into researching the safest products for our users, but there are many out there without such scruples. If you find a solution to a digital problem, then be sure to check out the reviews first, as running the wrong program, app, or add-on can cause an even greater problem than those users wish to solve in the first place.


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Last modified: July 18, 2018