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Partition and Format a new Hard Drive in Windows 10


After a long time of relying upon windows 7 ( I skipped windows 8 and 8.1 ), it was finally time for me to upgrade to a new operating system. So recently I upgraded my PC to windows 10 and as my storage needs were also increasing, I decided to add another 2 Terabyte of storage space to my PC. Installing an hard drive in windows is easy as having a piece of cake. You just need to connect...

Fix : Photo viewer not working on Windows 10


Recently I upgraded my PC to windows 10 by performing a clean installation of Windows via an bootable USB drive. While the installation process went smoothly, it was not late until I encountered the first bug in the operating system. The bug was related to the new photo viewer app that comes bundled in Windows 10. Whenever I tried to open any photo, the photo viewer app would open a black screen...

How to Install Windows 10 – Instructions with Screenshots


With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft is all set to dominate the personal computer segment once again. As of this day, Windows 10 has already achieved more than 14 million installations and is still increasing rapidly. A majority of these installations were done via the free upgrade system which Microsoft integrated into windows 7 and 8 PC’s via the windows update. Thanks to this many genuine...