How to Make a WordPress Website Mobile Friendly


SEO is always changing and so are the several factors responsible for it. Everyone has some unique SEO tricks up their sleeve but a majority of the factors for SEO are publicly available throughout the internet. When we talk about SEO, we usually talk about optimising ours site for Google search and Google is very strict about quality of the websites that are displayed through its search results...

How to Add a Google+ Badge to your Blog or Website


After many failed attempt at creating a successful social network that people actually like, Google had finally managed to create a popular social network with Google+. Slowly but steadily, Google+ is attracting more and more users with every passing day and no doubt in the near future we could see it competing with Facebook too. As Google + is expanding its user base, there’s an opportunity for...

How to Identify the Theme used on any WordPress Site or Blog


The search for a perfect theme is something that is endless for most WordPress users. With numerous free and paid themes readily available for WordPress, even choosing the perfect theme for you blog can put you into a great dilemma. Most theme hunting starts with taking inspiration from popular WordPress blogs and websites. Usually these popular WordPress blogs and websites use a highly...

How To Protect your WordPress Blog Against Security Attacks


If you own a popular WordPress blog, then there is a very big chance that your WordPress blog  is facing security attacks everyday. Most of these attacks are silent and there is no way to know about them unless you have a WordPress security plugin. Depending on the popularity of your blog, there attacks might range from a few hundreds to more than thousand attacks per day. Unless the password for...

40+ Best Free WordPress Themes Collection for September 2013


Looking for the best free WordPress themes collection for 2013 ?  you’re at the right place , We have got 40+ of the latest and best free WordPress themes till now . Go ahead and browse the entire collection of 40+ of these  amazing and Responsive free WordPress themes below . These free WordPress themes are a selected from the latest and the best WordPress themes from various sources . As...

How to Install WordPress Themes : Step by Step Guide


Step by step guide on how to install WordPress theme : WordPress is one of the most used Content management systems for blogs today . All praises to the very easy interface and effective management features in WordPress that make WordPress a breeze to use . For new WordPress users it might be a bit confusing to use and install WordPress themes manually , but you will get a hang of it very soon ...

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