How To Find Out the Geographic Location of an IP Address


IP address is the very fundamental part of the internet. IP addresses usually consist of an unique string of number separated by periods that represents the identity of any computer that is connected to the internet. Just like our home’s address, the IP addresses serves as an location address for your computer on the internet and none of the IP addresses will ever match each other.

You can use these IP addresses to easily locate the physical location of an person or a computer to which the IP address is related. There are a lot free service online that will help you out determine the exact physical location of an IP address, but it is always advisable to use multiple services to confirm the exact location of the IP address.

The reason being, most of these free IP address tracking tools online rely on a pre compiled database of existing IP addresses to estimate the exact location of an IP address, which is why you should always use multiple IP address tracking services to confirm the exact location.

Well to save your precious time, there is even a free IP location service that will show you the location of an IP address from multiple IP location services. is an free online tool that will help you out with finding the exact location of an IP address. Since the accuracy of the Geo location data might vary with different services, will show you the Geo location data from multiple IP location services to help you confirm the exact location of the IP address.

Using is very simple. just copy an IP address and paste it into the search box provided and click on Query. Wait for a moment and you will be provided with the Geo location data for the IP address from various IP location services.


There you go, you just successfully found out the geographic location of a computer using an IP address.

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