75+ Free Windows 10 Themes and Visual styles


Looking for some of the best Windows 10 themes available right now? You’re at the right place. We compiled a list of 75+ Free Windows 10 Themes and Visual styles for your desktop.
When it comes to the design, people love to be in charge of customisation and it’s also the same in case of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10. Being a fairly open operating system, Windows 10 has no scarcity of themes for it. But due to security reasons, Microsoft has been very strict in terms of our installation of third party themes on Windows 10.
It’s been more than one year since Windows 10 was launched by Microsoft. As it is with most operating systems, Windows 10 was a lot buggy when it was launched. However within a year’s time, Microsoft rolled out numerous updates to fix all the major bugs and even made a few changes to the design on order to improve the user experience of Windows 10.
Like all the previous version of windows. Windows 10 only allows the installation of themes that are digitally signed by Microsoft or the ones that are provided for free by Microsoft on its website. Microsoft does provide free themes from various categories such as bikes, nature, landscapes, architecture and many more categories on it’s website. But they are very much limited and might not suite to the taste of the overall windows audience in general.
Microsoft is doing this to protect your PC from viruses and malware. Most third party Windows 10 themes that are available for free on the internet have viruses and malware embedded in them. This is why Microsoft has been strict on installing third party themes from the internet.
The internet is deceiving and it’s is only with experience that you can differentiate a bad website from a good one. And one of the most important factor that helps to identify a good website is it’s community. The larger the community, the better is the site.
Deviantart.com is one such community driven website from where you can download Windows 10 themes for free. Well it does have both free and paid Windows 10 themes.
Now that you know where to download Windows 10 themes for free, let’s find out how we can bypass Microsoft’s limitation on installing third party windows 10 themes. 

How to Install Windows 10 Themes

You will have to download and install a free program called UltraUXThemePatcher to be able to install third party Windows 10 themes. I have already created a guide for this purpose, you can check it out from the below link.
How to Install Third party Windows 10 themes and Visual Styles on Windows 10.
Here’s my list of more than 75+ free Windows 10 Themes for your desktop. 
Make sure to read the description for the themes in order find out whether they are compatible with your Windows 10 version or if you ahve to install any additional programs to get the exact look as shown in the themes..

75+ Free Windows 10 Themes and Visual styles

  1. Seda Windows 10 Theme
  2. seda_theme_for_windows_10_by_unisira-dagu0wjSimplify 10 light lines Windows 10 themes.
  3. Simplify 10 light bluesimplify_10_light_blue___windows_10_theme_by_dpcdpc11-da8ldyd
  4. Simplify 10 light classicsimplify_10_light_classic___windows_10_theme_by_dpcdpc11-dae126v
  5. Tiano dark themetiano_dark_theme_windows10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dacsy32
  6. Penumbra 10penumbra_10___windows_10_visual_style_by_scope10-d9em2vq
  7. Maverick 10maverick_10___windows_10_theme_by_dpcdpc11-da907r1
  8. Kaamix Windows 10 Themekaamix_theme_win10_insider_preview_rs1_by_cleodesktop-dacaoxk
  9. Hover Dark theme for Windows 10hover_dark_aero_theme_windows10_november_update_by_cu88-d9hxzoe
  10. Eroliot White theme for Windows 10eroliot_white_theme_for_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-daf2xt1
  11. FFox theme for Windows 10ffox_theme_for_windows10_november_update_by_cleodesktop-d9mylsg
  12. Diversity X Windows 10 Themediversityx_vs_by_metalbone1988-d9l4w9g
  13. Clear 3.0 glass Windows 10 themeclear_3_0_glass_for_windows_10_by_swapnil36fg-d9zxx8h
  14. Classic X theme for Windows 10classic_x_theme_for_windows10__november_update_by_cleodesktop-d9oj2y6
  15. ADL Blue light theme for Windows 10adl_blue_light_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-daec1cq
  16. Ades theme for Windows 10.ades_theme_for_windows_10_by_unisira-d9xcl17
  17. Comood minimal theme for Windows 10comood_minimal_theme_win10_build_10586_aka_1511_by_cleodesktop-da0v96j
  18. Chromadark vs theme for Windows 10.chromadark_vs_by_metalbone1988-da8bnhl
  19. LAB Windows 10 visual style.lab_windows_10_visual_style_by_participant-dahoczb
  20. Minimal 2.0 dark for Windows 10.minimal_2_0_dark_for_windows_10_by_swapnil36fg-da763jn
  21. Metand Dark CC Theme for Windows 10.metand_dark_cc_theme_win10_anniversary_update1_by_cleodesktop-daj9p77
  22. Needy Theme for Windows 10.needy_theme_for_windows_10_1511_build_10586_by_cleodesktop-d9tzbr6
  23. Nocturnal windows 10 themenocturnal_w10_by_ayymoko-d9mkk8q
  24. OS X Yosemite theme for Windows 10.os_x_yosemite_theme_for_windows_10_by_cu88-d865qm7
  25. Numix theme for Windows 10.numix_theme_windows10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dah8wae
  26. Zeka theme for windows 10zeka_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dafc3q7
  27. Yosemite dark theme for Windows 10.yosemite_dark_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dahtbcd
  28. Yosem dark theme for Windows 10.yosem_dark_theme_windows10_anniversary_update1_by_cleodesktop-dajytvh
  29. Yosem light theme for Windows 10.yosem_light_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-daehqax
  30. Wisi Dark theme for Windows 10wisi_dark_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dagfcvv
  31. Windows 8 theme for Windows 10.windows_8_themes_final_for_win10_by_sagorpirbd-d97hc1b
  32. White minimal theme for Windows 10.white_minimal_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dael30d
  33. Ubuntu Dark theme for Windows 10.ubuntu_dark_theme_windows10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dacruci
  34. Ubuntu light theme for Windows 10.ubuntu_light_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-daegnhf
  35. Vista theme final for Windows 10vista_themes_final_for_win10_by_sagorpirbd-d8mnlbr
  36. Yosemite black theme for Windows 10yosemite_black_and_light_theme_for_windows_10_by_cu88-d9jnedj
  37. Yosemite Black theme for Windows 10.yosemite_black_theme_windows_10_by_cu88-d85gkkb
  38. Void Windows 10 Theme. void___windows_10_edition_by_neiio-d9f6kq8
  39. Ubuntu Theme for Windows 10. ubuntu_theme_windows10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dact167
  40. Tech Minimalista Windows 10 themetema_minimalista_windows_10_by_pcnafer-d9eycp3
  41. Snow Leopard basic for Windows 10.snow_leopard_basic_for_win_10_by_sagorpirbd-da3c5dq
  42. Photoshop light theme for Windows 10.photoshop_light_cctheme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dafkqir
  43. Plainx Vs for Windows 10.plainx_vs_for_windows_10_by_metalbone1988-d9jkfnu
  44. Oxford visual style for Windows 10.oxford___windows_10_visual_style_by_participant-d9g0wi8
  45. Nulito Dark blue and Red theme for Windows 10
  46. Minimal Dark theme for Windows 10.minimal_dark_theme_win10_insider_preview_rs1_by_cleodesktop-dabw4wf
  47. Minimal white theme for Windows 10.minimal_white_theme_windows10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dad1e1t
  48. Numix Dark Cyan and green theme for Windows 10.numix_dark_cyan_and_green_theme_win10_build_10586__by_cleodesktop-da2wngy
  49. Numix Dark theme for Windows 10.numix_dark_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dacp2i8
  50. Mos Max theme for Windows 10.mos_max_light_and_dark_theme_for_windows_10_by_cleodesktop-d9vf9xn
  51. Nanol Red theme for Windows 10.nanol_red_theme_windows_10_build_10586_aka_1511_by_cleodesktop-d9x1wbi
  52. Numix minimal theme for Windows 10.numix_minimal_theme_for_windows10_november_update_by_cu88-d9ire95
  53. Mino Dark red theme for Windows 10.mino_dark_blue_and_red_theme_win10_th2_build_10586_by_cleodesktop-da4y6c1
  54. Macnificent theme for Windows 10.macnificent_theme_win10_build_10586_aka_1511_by_cleodesktop-da15f3g
  55. Maestix vs theme for Windows 10maestix_vs_for_windows_10_by_metalbone1988-da8vknl
  56. Majum minimal theme for Windows 10.majun_minimal_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dadkm9w
  57. Katy Dark theme for Windows 10.katy_dark_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dafc8i6
  58. Kat mix theme for Windows 10.katt_mix_theme_for_windows_10_by_cleodesktop-da7p7im
  59. Haye Aero theme for Windows 10.haye_aero_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-daf85h0
  60. Hastpy dark theme for Windows 10.hastpy_theme_windows10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-daeh3p0
  61. Gray10 Windows 10 themegray10_v1_by_gsw953onda-d98nepu
  62. Flattastic V2 theme for Windows 10.flattastic__flattasdark_v2_theme_windows10_th2_by_cleodesktop-da19mka
  63. Exo mide theme for Windows 10.exo_mid_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dafcb60
  64. Docgg flat theme for Windows 10.docgg_flat_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dafpcda
  65. Contrast VS Windows 10 theme.contrast_vs_by_metalbone1988-d9lde3n
  66. Cyber blue Windows 10 theme.cyber_blue_and_red_theme_windows_10_build_10586_by_cleodesktop-da8c0on
  67. Dark / Grey – High contrast Windows 10 Themesdark___grey_windows_10_theme___high_contrast_by_eversins-d9mj1jh
  68. Dexty black theme for Windows 10.dexty_black___gray_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dadgbwl
  69. Dexty mat theme for Windows 10dextymat_theme_win10__anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-daed4bo
  70. Belite Aero theme for Windows 10.belito_aero_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-daekyxq
  71. CCmix theme for Windows 10.cc_mix_theme_win10_anniversary_update_by_cleodesktop-dag710c
  72. Afterdark blue and red theme for windows 10.after_dark_blue_and_red_theme_win10_anniversary_by_cleodesktop-dai135h
  73. Aero 7 windows 10 themeaero_7_themes_for_win10_final_by_sagorpirbd-d8nypid
  74. Mac snow leopard windows 10 visual style___snow_leopard____for_win10_final_by_sagorpirbd-d9vqncc
  75. Mac OS X sierra visual style theme for Windows 10.___sierra____for_win_10_by_sagorpirbd-dad3heb
  76. Dark leopard Windows 10 Theme___dark_leopard____for_win10_final_by_sagorpirbd-d9z46ww


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  • Damm i love the list. I love 4 themes from the list. Penumbra, Mino Dark, Metand Dark and Clear 3.0. I’m all about those dark themes.

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