How to Troubleshoot Google Chrome’s High CPU and Memory Usage


Google chrome is definitely one of the fastest web browsers currently. While it Might be able to beat down all its contenders hands down in terms of speed and features, Chrome does has a weak point. When it comes to memory usage, sometimes chrome may act a little weird and consume a lot of your RAM and CPU’s resources . This eventually might cause your computer to slow down and even may...

Free up Space in your Windows PC without using any Software


Windows 7 has many useful and less known features within it and they work like a charm . One search feature is the windows disk cleanup tool . you might have seen the disk cleanup option while checking a drive’s properties . Most of the time it gets unnoticed ,but its a small tool that performs it part efficiently . Lets find out how . With time , The windows installation drive in our computers...

How to Install Android 4.3 Jellybean on your Windows PC


Update: How to Install Android 4.4 KitKat on Windows Google recently announced Android 4.4 KitKat as the latest version of the Android OS . However there is still a lot of time left for the android 4.4 update to arrive on our smartphones. In the meanwhile lets tinker around a bit with Android 4.3. Android is definitely the most popular and dominating operating system on cell phones and tablets...

Duplicate Cleaner : Find and Delete Duplicate files from a Windows PC


You may not be aware , but there might be many duplicate files on your windows PC . As you keep using your PC , duplicate files keep piling up without your notice . These duplicate files contribute to the wastage of your PC’s storage space . Whats worse is that , a lot of duplicate files will lead to a crowded hard drive that will eventually slow down your PC’s performance...

How To Check the Health Status of your Hard Drive on Windows


Hard disks are the most fragile hardware in our computers , if not taken proper care of the entire data stored on them might be at the risk of loss . Once your hard disk develops any defects or error , it will be very hard to recover important files from your hard disk . So before its too late , You should always have a periodical check up  of your hard and find out if they have developed any...

Book your Jet Airways Flight Ticket from an Android phone

official jet airways android app

Another great news for frequent airline travelers . Jet airways has now launched its official android app on the Google play store . thus becoming the second airlines in India to offer a android app after Indigo Airlines . Travellers will now be able to login into the Jet airlines Android app using their existing jet privilege accounts or signing up for a new one . The Jet airways app will offers...

Configure a Proxy Server with 3G or 4G Data Connection on Android


You can always use a proxy server to surf the internet anonymously without any restrictions on your Android phone . There are four ways by which you can setup a proxy server on your android phone . Method 1: The first method is by manually adding the proxy server addresses and ports in the Access Point Name ( APN ) of the 3G or 4G data settings . Method 2:  If you’re using a WiFi connection...

How to setup and use a Proxy Server with Firefox : Step by Step guide

how to setup proxy with firefox .

Proxy servers are the easiest method of surfing the internet anonymously and accessing blocked sites . There are a lot of free proxy services online that allow to surf the internet anonymously . but its always better to setup a proxy server on your computer to surf the internet rather than using a proxy website . Its much easier and saves a lot of time . Lets see how we can setup and use a proxy...

How to Take a Screenshot on an Android Phone

taking screenshots with xperia

We all love customizing our cell phones and showing them off to our friends . Today lets find out how we can capture a screenshot of our android phone’s screen and share it with our friends . Fortunately most Android phones running Android 4.0 and later have an inbuilt feature to take screenshots . These methods differs across all the android versions and even for different manufacturers ...

What is Domain Name System ( DNS ) and how does DNS works ?


We browse a lot of websites everyday on the internet , but do you know how does our computers connect to these websites ? In order to know how our computers connect to these websites we have to know what is DNS first . What is DNS ? DNS or Domain Name System is similar to a Phone directory . DNS is basically a large database of websites addresses and their corresponding IP Addresses . For us, we...

How to Change the DNS Server on a Windows Computer


In the last article we discussed about what is DNS and how is it useful to us . Today we are going to guide you through the step by step process on how to change the DNS server addresses on your computer . The process of changing the DNS servers is fairly easy but before we proceed with the actual process . let us make a list of things we would be needing . For this Guide we be using OpenDNS as...

How to Root your Android Phone or Tablet and Why you Should

How to root your Android phone or tablet

How to root any Android phone or tablet  : If you have a bought a new android phone and did somewhat research about new apps and games , You might have come across the ” Root ” word many times . Lets check out what does root mean and how to root your Android phone . Skip to the bottom for the complete collection of rooting guides for all android phones . What is Rooting ? Rooting is a...