How to Change the DNS Server on a Windows Computer


In the last article we discussed about what is DNS and how is it useful to us . Today we are going to guide you through the step by step process on how to change the DNS server addresses on your computer . The process of changing the DNS servers is fairly easy but before we proceed with the actual process . let us make a list of things we would be needing . For this Guide we be using OpenDNS as...

How to Root your Android Phone or Tablet and Why you Should


How to root any Android phone or tablet  : If you have a bought a new android phone and did somewhat research about new apps and games , You might have come across the ” Root ” word many times . Lets check out what does root mean and how to root your Android phone . Skip to the bottom for the complete collection of rooting guides for all android phones . What is Rooting ? Rooting is a...

Identify and Recognize any Song or Music on a Android Phone


Did you ever had a situation ,  when you came across this amazing song or background music while listening to the radio or  while watching the TV . If you do , then you must have tried to identify or find out the name and details of the song . If you did found out then we really appreciate your strong determination . For the next time you have a situation like this , We have made sure that you...

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