How to Root your Android Phone or Tablet and Why you Should


How to root any Android phone or tablet  : If you have a bought a new android phone and did somewhat research about new apps and games , You might have come across the ” Root ” word many times . Lets check out what does root mean and how to root your Android phone .

How to root your Android phone or tablet

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What is Rooting ?

Rooting is a term for getting users root access ( Privileged control ) into your Android phone’s operating system . Rooting your device allows you to gain total control over your android phone and removes all the restrictions imposed by the phone’s manufacturer or carriers .

Why should you root Android phone ?

Most Android phone manufacturers limit the users access to the android operating system and install a lot of bloatware in your android phone before selling it to you . These bloatware might not cause any problems in the beginning but after a few months of use you can see a noticeable lag on your android phone .  Rooting your android phone allows you to remove these restrictions and explore your phone’s full potential . Here are some of the benefits to root your android phone .

  1. Rooting your android phone give you full control of your phone .
  2. Install amazing apps : The Google app store bans any app that requires root access in your phone , So basically you are missing a lot of awesome apps that are not available on the Google play store.
  3. Get Android updates earlier : Most manufacturers and carriers delay in releasing the latest android updates to their phones . If you root your phone you can install custom ROM.s which will allow you to install latest android versions much before your phone’s manufacturer releases them officially .
  4. Install Custom ROM’s : If you root your phone you can install ROM’s , which are basically heavily modified version of Android OS and include plenty of awesome and cool features .
  5. Customize your phone : A phone with root access will let You install custom launchers which will allow you to personalize your phone to a greater extent .
  6. Extend battery life : If you root Android phone you can install custom kernels that will enable low power consumption on your android phone and help extend your phone’s battery life .
  7. Increase phone performance : If you like overclocking , Root will allow you to increase or decrease your phone’s processor speed and improve performance .
  8. Backup your apps : By default Android does not allow you to backup your apps if you want to reset your phone . By rooting your android phone you can use software’s like Titanium backup to backup your apps and restore them after a reset.
  9. Install apps on SD card : Most Android phone have a limited amount of internal storage . If you root your android phone , then you can use your microSD card to install apps rather than the default phone memory .
  10. There are infinite possibilities after you root Android phone .  you name it and there will be an app that can do it .

Why you should not root your android phone ?

But as there is no such thing as a free lunch , there is one major disadvantage. There are the major disadvantages of rooting your android phone .

  1. Voids warranty : Rooting your android phone will void its warranty . Well don’t be worried there is an easy solution to that . You can always download the official ROM of your phone and flash it to completely restore your rooted Android phone to its original state .
  2. Changes of Bricking : Not following the instructions to root your android phone may brick your android phone and make it an instant paperweight.
  3. Security risks : Rooting not only provides you complete access to your phone , Installing untrusted apps may lead to security risks on your android phone . it is always advised to install a proper antivirus to combat any threats .

What do you need to root Android phone ?

Before we start with the process of rooting your Android phone , lets make a list of files we require to root your phone .

  • A Custom Recovery tool
  • Odin
  • Root Checker to confirm if your phone has been rooted or not .

Preparation before rooting your android phone

  • Fully charge your android phone
  • Enable USB debugging on your android phone ,On the Galaxy S3 its located in the Menu > Settings > Developer options and check the box next to USB debugging. It will change across different android phones .
  • Make sure you have installed the latest drivers for your phone .

Since all the Android phones are not similar , there are various methods to root different android phones . XDA Developer Forums is an community where you can find a lot of discussions related to latest android root methods , guides and Lots of Amazing Custom ROM’s and apps . If you have any kind of doubt regarding modifying your android phone do visit XDA forums . It is definitely the one stop for your every android questions and needs .

These process of rooting requires a little patience , You can try a more faster and easier method to Root Android phone without any computer .

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