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Did you ever had a situation ,  when you came across this amazing song or background music while listening to the radio or  while watching the TV . If you do , then you must have tried to identify or find out the name and details of the song . If you did found out then we really appreciate your strong determination . For the next time you have a situation like this , We have made sure that you don’t have to put a lot of effort .

How to Identify and recognize any song easily


sound search for Google play

There is an easy way to identify or recognize any song or background music . All you need to have is an android phone and a free app from Google called  “ Sound Search for Google play “ . The Sound search app will help you recognize any music and background songs playing around you . After identifying a song it automatically allows you to purchase the Song from Google play and adds it to your play music library .

Most of the time while we are preoccupied in other works , we notice this beautiful or catchy song on a radio or tv . In a situation like that you can make use of the app’s widget to instantly start identify the song from your phone’s home screen or lock screen .  Not only the  sound search app can recognize or identify English songs . It is also capable of identifying and recognizing any regional songs in many languages , given the song is available in the App’s database .

sound search for google play identify and recognize song and music    sound search for google play identify and recognize song

Sometime the app may not be able to recognize or identify a particular song . In that situation you will have to try recognizing the song or music a few more times and eventually it will identify the song . This mostly happens because of background noises getting mixed with the song .

soundhound identify and recognize song or musci

The Sound Search app  is supported by most devices but there might be a few android phones on which this app may not be supported . For these phones there is SoundHound , another alternative app to Sound search which offers the same features of the Sound search app and even more .

SoundHound is a free app from the Google play store which helps you to Identify and recognize any song or background music . The app is a step ahead of the Sound search app by allowing users to identify a song by singing or humming it. The app is even very well optimized for Android tablets .

postzize    soundhound

Go ahead and download these apps on your android phones and tablets and be prepared . We don’t want to you to miss out on discovering the next best artist on your playlist .

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