The 4 best apps for easy detection of plagiarism on android


Whether you are a writer, businessman, or any other professional, finding plagiarism in your content is becoming increasingly common. We know that plagiarism makes our content bad and gives the impression that most publishers or search engines do not accept.

There are 1.5 billion Gmail accounts, and more than 80% of users open their emails on their smartphone. In response to the emails sent by mobile phones, the plagiarized content can cause problems for the user.

In this article, however, we will discuss some of the popular Android apps for checking for plagiarism in your content.

Why is the verification of plagiarism so important?

Everyone is against theft and content is the property of an author. Copying content from an author means stealing property, and that is prohibited in most publishers.

If you publish content from your mobile phone and it contains plagiarism, it may cause your website or the account on which you publish to lapse. However, check your content before publishing it through plagiarism checking tools.

Checking duplicate content through the site can be worrisome, but there are now numerous apps available on android and iOS to check them.

How helpful is the Plagiarism Checker App?

In business, you may need to communicate with your customers, write some letters/job applications or publish content. If your content contains plagiarism, it can leave a bad impression on your writing and business, so you can use plagiarism through your tool.

If you are a student or lecturer, you should scan your homework or research papers before using them. There are some cases where the university or college rejects the projects because of duplication.

If you are a blogger or web owner, you may have to write the content by devising a different source. However, you should be aware that plagiarized content on your website can affect your writing. Many journalists are not allowed to publish because they have used some of their sentences from another author.

Here are some of the trending apps that offer plagiarism checks.

  1. Prepostseo

This is an application from that is available on android and Apple Store. Check the content for free is possible through this application, while this application is very easy to use.

This app has recently received an update that works amazingly well and, most importantly, has improved the way the tool works. It checks for plagiarism across the Internet, including blogs, websites, YouTube descriptions, and social media posts.

Here are some of the features of this application:


  • This is an instant checker application that creates the report within seconds. Compared to others, this application is far from many others.
  • You do not need to purchase a subscription or registration to use this application.
  • It is safe and safe to use.
  • It offers the possibility to upload your file or insert your text directly.
  • It supports PDF, Docx, and TXT file formats.
  • The app does not store your data in its database.

2. Copy leaks

Copy Leaks from is another application for verifying counterfeit content, which helps to verify the duplication ratio. It is usually used by bloggers, freelancers, business writers, and students because it provides quick access to verification via mobile phones.

Copy Leaks is useful is scanning the book, web pages, blogs, and email content within the application. It is a paid tool, but the trial version can be used for free to review the application. Here are some of the features that makes this application amazing:


  • It differs from other plagiarists in that it can scan your work and automatically check it through the OCR.
  • The app can scan various document formats such as PDF, docx, html, TXT, and rtf to detect plagiarism.
  • If you want to check the plagiarism on your website, you can enter the URL and it will automatically scan your website.
  • It is very simple and easy to use with instant notification.

Plagly is a free plagiarism detection tool with advanced algorithms and benefits. This is an instant app for Android users that helps detect duplicate content.

Here are some of the features of this application that makes it among the top application:


  • It uses its algorithm to compare your tool across the Internet, including databases, and then highlights the duplicate content.
  • It is used by students and teachers to scan scientific papers, assignments, projects, and research papers.
  • It will be updated after some time, which improves the database.
  • The app has natural language processing to identify the original source of plagiarized content.

This is another plagiarism checker application for android that scans all content on the Internet and compares your font to it. If it finds the duplicate content, it marks it with red color for your recognition.

This tool is not as efficient as others because it does not allow the user to upload the file directly from his mobile phone. The only way to check the plagiarism in this app is to copy and paste the text into this application.

Here are some of the features of this application:


  • It is an instant tool that creates the report by scanning your content and comparing it with the content on the Internet.
  • The copied content is highlighted to be compared with unique content.
  • It does not need a subscription or fees to use it, but it is completely free.

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