How to Change the DNS Server on a Windows Computer


In the last article we discussed about what is DNS and how is it useful to us . Today we are going to guide you through the step by step process on how to change the DNS server addresses on your computer . The process of changing the DNS servers is fairly easy but before we proceed with the actual process . let us make a list of things we would be needing . For this Guide we be using OpenDNS as an example .

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What do we need ?

First of all we need to have the name-servers of OpenDNS or any other DNS services . For a list of other free and public DNS services please check the end of the post . For this guide we will be using OpenDNS’s name-servers which are :


How to change the DNS server on a windows computer

Follow these images and steps to change the default DNS server addresses on your computer .

  • Open the control panel in windows
  • Click on Network and Internet


  • Click on Network and Sharing center
  • Under your active networks , click the active local Area connection


  • In the Local area connection status box , click on properties


  • Select the Internet protocol version 4 and click on properties


  • You will see the following box  .  select ” use the following DNS server addresses “and Fill in the OpenDNS Name-servers details as below .

change dns

  • Click OK to apply the DNS servers and your DNS servers will be updated .

To make the Configurations take effect immediately , you need to open Command prompt and type in the following code “ ipconfig /flushdns “ and flush your DNS resolver cache .

command prompt flushdns

And now your new settings will take into effect . If you want to use any other DNS services , you can follow the same steps above and all you have to do is change the name-servers with your respective DNS service’s name-servers  .

If you want to double check if your DNS servers have been changed , then you can type “ ipconfig /all “  in the windows command prompt and it will display the current DNS servers being used .

check dns servers

Apart from OpenDNS there are many other free and public DNS services available . If you are not seeing any improvements with OpenDNS servers you can try out the following free and public DNS services .

list of free and public DNS services that you can use .

Provider Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server
Comodo Secure DNS
OpenDNS Home4
DNS Advantage
Norton ConnectSafe5
Hurricane Electric11

I hope i have covered everything in this guide to change the DNS server on your computer . If you have any doubts then you can ask them in the comments below .

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