How to Fix WMVCORE.DLL is Missing Error on Windows 10


If you have installed the latest update for Windows 10, you should have noticed that many programs are now throwing up the WMVCORE.DLL is missing error.
While the error also states that it can be fixed by installing the Windows media player, but it actually doesn’t work for all programs. For example I did install the Windows media player update and yet Adobe premiere still displayed the same error and refused to start.
Some have actually been able to fix this error by installing Windows media player. But for those that didn’t work, you need not worry. Actually you don’t even need to download and install  windows media player. The WMVCORE.DLL file is already there in your PC and you just need to move it to the right directory to fix this error.  
So here’s how you can fix the WMVCORE.DLL is missing error on Windows 10.

How to Fix WMVCORE.DLL missing Error on Windows 10.

  • Step 1: Open the windows explorer and head over to the Windows installation drive. This is usually the C: drive.
  • Step 2: Open the Windows.old folder and search for the System32 folder.


  • Step 3: Open the System32 folder and type in WMVCORE.DLL in the explorer search box.
  • Step 4: You should be able to find the WMVCORE.DLL file in the search results.


  • Step 5: Copy the WMVCORE.DLL file and go back to the root of the windows installation drive ( usually the C: drive).


  • Step 6: Open the Windows folder and find the System32 folder.


  • Step 7: Open the System32 Folder and paste the WMVCORE.DLL file.


  • Step 8: That’s it, the WMVCORE.DLL is missing error should be fixed now.

For your convenience, I’ve also added a video of the above instructions below. If you liked it, then dont forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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  • Hey, why in my laptop doesn’t have folder name windows.old ?
    And I can’t copy that file extension
    How could i do ?

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