How to Download Facebook Videos on an Android Device


Have you ever wanted to download and save a video from Facebook to watch it later? For those who have ever tried to download a video from Facebook on their android devices, it’s actually impossible to do so in the app.
Facebook’s decision to allow users to upload and share video was a great decision, however like every other video sharing services available right now, Facebook also doesn’t allow its users to download the videos uploaded and shared on its social network.
The restriction is imposed upon all the platforms on which Facebook is available. However on a desktop, users can install third party browser extensions to easily get the ability to download and save the videos from Facebook.
The same thing also applies for the Facebook for android app. But when you look out of the app, you can find many third party apps on the Google play store that can enable you to download YouTube videos and save them for viewing later.
MyVideoDownloader for Facebook is one such apps that works flawlessly for downloading videos from Facebook on a Android device.
Before we start, I have a advice for you. Since this is a third party app, I wouldn’t recommend you to use this app primarily to browse Facebook on your Android device. So always use the official Facebook for android app to browse Facebook on your android device.
When you come across any video on facebook that you would want to save for viewing later. Just use facebook’s save feature to save that video in your saved list. You can then login into Facebook on the MyVideoDownloader app and load the video from your saved list, after than you can download it.
Here’s how you can use the MyVideoDownloader app to download videos from facebook on your Android device.

How to Download Facebook Videos on your Android Device

  • Step 1: Download and Install the MyVideoDownloader for Facebook app on your Android phone. The link for the same is provided at the bottom of this post.


  • Step 2: Log into the app with your Facebook account.


  • Step 3: Now tap on the play button on any video.


  • Step 3: Next tap on download.
  • Step 4: The video would start downloading and you can see the progress in your phone’s notification bar.


  • Step 5: Tap on hamburger menu button and tap on Downloads to access the downloaded video.


  • Step 6:  You can see the progress of the video from here.


  • Step 7: Tap on the Downloaded tab and then tap again on the circle button to view the options.


  • Step 8: Tap on the play button and the video will start playing.

That’s it, you’ve successfully learned to download and save videos from Facebook on a android device.
Alternatively, the app also allows you to download all your previously liked or saved videos on Facebook.  Here’s how you can download them.
Tap on the hamburger icon menu and then tap on My videos.
Now select any of the options provided.
And you should be able to view the videos saved under those options. The video should have a button to download them.
Download: MyVideoDownloader for Facebook app for Android

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