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Cookies are simply the bits of data created each time one visits a site on the internet. They play a vital role in remembering user-specific data such as logins, shopping cart items, and visited pages, thus making it easier to open said pages in the future. Thanks to this data, websites can “remember” us and make our browsing experience easier and more convenient.

Why Clearing Cookies on Your Android Device Is a Good Idea

As important as having cookies sounds, there are several reasons why one would be forced to clear them. These include the fact that clearing cookies helps fix certain problems in an android device, such as loading and formatting issues. In such cases, it is necessary to clear cookies and any other browsing data for the browser to run correctly. The question then becomes, what is the process of removing cookies on Android?

Clearing Cookies in Chrome

Open the Chrome application on your device. In the top right corner of the screen, there’s a three-dot sign. Click on it and select History from the menu. A new window will open, displaying all the web pages you or anyone using your device has visited. 

To delete any cookies on your device, click “Clear browsing data.” Select the time range you want to clear and make sure to tick the box next to the “Cookies and site data” option. When you’re done, click “Clear data” in the bottom right corner, and your cookies will be gone! If you want to remove every piece of private information, you can do that by switching to the “Advanced” tab, which offers more options.

Clearing Cookies in Firefox

Like Chrome, the top right corner of the device’s screen should show the three-dot button. Tapping on it brings up the settings pop up. In this menu, click on “Settings” and scroll down to find the “Delete browsing data” option. A new window will open with the items you can remove, including cookies. Select everything you want to delete and tap the “Delete browsing data” button on the bottom.

Clearing Cookies in Opera

Unlike Chrome and Firefox, Opera’s menu icon is in the top left corner of the app. Tap on it and select “Settings”. Once the new window opens, find the “Privacy” section by scrolling down. Tap “Clear browsing data.” Another screen will show up, allowing you to choose what you want to delete. Select “Cookies and site data”, then tap “Clear data” in the bottom right corner.

Effects of Clearing Cookies

After you clear the cookies in your browser, each site you visit will not “remember” your previous visits. This means you’ll have to enter your login information again. After you do this, the website will create a new cookie to replace the one you removed. Some websites also use cookies to track users and display ads. Deleting cookies on your device interrupts this process and makes the websites you visit “see” you as a new visitor. Keep in mind that removing cookies doesn’t affect your synced data.

To get your browser always running perfectly, make sure to JavaScript enable your device. Visit the site to check if it’s on and learn how to enable it in your browser in case it’s off. JavaScript is a very popular programming language that adds animation, automation, and dynamically updated content to web pages.

Final Thoughts

While clearing cookies may end up helping your Android device run better, one should be careful not to lose crucial information. For some people, auto logging into sites is essential as they do not remember passwords. Before clearing any cookies on your device, double-check and confirm that you truly do not need them!

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