Reasons to Choose a Fast and Affordable Hosting Provider for WordPress Websites


In recent years, WordPress has become a hot favorite amongst nascent bloggers and businesses. Over 38% of all websites on the web now use WordPress. It has led to the emergence of different WordPress-focused hosting firms, as they aim to make the most out of the ever-growing demand of this popular CMS platform.

But to ensure your WordPress-powered website performs at its optimum levels, experts recommend choosing fast and affordable hosting providers, such as Kinsta hosting

They focus on uptime and security while being a cost-effective option to suit your website needs, whether your business is brand new or already well established. 

Here are the leading reasons that will compel you to choose such a high-speed and fair-priced hosting provider for your website, powered by WordPress.

You Get the Best Website Uptime

Top hosting providers monitor your website’s uptime performance frequently. Some do it every couple of minutes, thus checking your site over 500 times a day. It ensures that the issue can be arrested and resolved quickly if ever your WordPress site is down.

On the other hand, if your website gets hacked, they take the necessary actions to get it up and running in no time. They check for malware and software-based restrictions to prevent potential attacks without charging extra for any of these services. 

Experts recommend hosting providers that guarantee the best uptime. 

You Get to Make the Most Out of Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is one of the fastest networks in the world. And when a hosting provider utilizes it, it helps them stand apart from other companies.

Your WordPress website will always be at an advantage if it’s hosted on the infrastructure created and maintained by Google, with the choice of several global data centers for the best digital services. It minimizes lags and hops, thus resulting in fast transportation of data and improved website speed when your clients visit it, all at an affordable price.

Top consultants suggest these providers, as the Google Computing Engine servers allow for automatic scalability for traffic spikes on your website, thus ensuring incredible speeds.

You Get the Best Resources for All Plans

Fast and reasonably-priced hosting providers offer fair amounts of hosting space for your website, irrespective of its size, thus making them genuinely premium.

They also provide a wide range of free services, such as managing uptime checks, daily backups, website migration, CDN, and SSL for your website. And as these services focus on speed improvement and are free, the hosting providers are highly cost-effective.

Moreover, you also get 24/7 customer support from actual WordPress experts, adding quality to the affordable services.

You Get Affordable Pricing Plans

Ideally, the top hosting providers offer different pricing tiers; you can choose one that best suits your WordPress website and business size. Leading providers, such as Kinsta hosting, offer standalone plans. You may also find options that present separate pricing plans for business and enterprise categories, best suitable for your company.

While all these plans perfectly fit your budget, they use the same speed-optimization infrastructure. It ensures, whichever pricing plan you choose, there is no compromise with the speed factor.

You Get a Fully Managed WordPress Hosting with Improved Security and Website Protection

Reliable hosting providers ensure automatic WordPress updates with special server-level caching and increase the software performance with server optimization. Using Linux containers that offer user experience similar to virtual machines, and other similar vital aspects, they manage your website entirely, assuring the highest possible performance.

And, along with protection against malware and hackers, your website remains safe with hardware firewalls and DDoS attack protection, all being within your budget.

Consult a Reputed Specialist

Reach out to an expert to know about and review the best hosting providers on the market. 

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