How Can Exam-Labs Microsoft MS-100 Certification Exam Help in Your Career?


Have you ever wondered why many IT professionals want to add a Microsoft certification to their resume? First things first, for instance, when it comes to expert-level badges, the registration fee for the required exams is about $165. This amount will be hugely paid off in the future, so the investment is worth it. Secondly, there are many training materials one can use to get ready for the test, which makes this path a lot easier. 

In this article, we will tell you about the Exam-Labs Microsoft MS-100 exam. It is one of the assessments that every IT specialist who wants to become a certified Enterprise Administrator Expert should pass along with Exam-Labs MS-101. So now, let’s find out more about the benefits this test and its related credential can bring to your career.

Benefits of Passing MS-100 Assessment

As we already mentioned, Exam-Labs MS-100 exam is the first step for earning the Microsoft Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert badge. Even though you need to go through an intensive preparation process and a high-paced testing process (you’ll have to tackle 40-60 questions in three hours), you should always keep in mind that you can acquire many advantages like those presented below.

  • Enhanced skills in managing and implementing Microsoft 365 services

Studies for ExamSnap Microsoft MS-100 help applicants develop advanced skills in handling Microsoft 365 services and identity. This exam focuses on four major pillars that generally concentrate on how to deploy Microsoft 365 features. The tested knowledge areas are the following:

  • Microsoft 365 services design and implementation
  • User roles and identity management
  • Access and authentication management
  • Office 365 workloads and applications planning

When you are competent in all the mentioned domains, it gives you a competitive advantage in comparison to your colleagues. Thus, you will consolidate your position in the company and win your manager’s appreciation.

  • Better annual salary and bonuses

As Exam-Labs MS-100 exam will help you develop unique skills and it is not really simple, once you ace it with flying colors, you will enter an exclusive group of people that are recognized in the industry. Also, your manager will value your efforts and understand that you are an extremely valuable team member. Moreover, this international accreditation added to your resume will attract the attention of many recruiters. Thus, your chances to get a salary increase, generous offer, and great bonuses are higher. It is to be noted that according to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for such professionals is about $97k annually.


Passing the Microsoft MS-100 exam is a smart decision for any IT specialist who wants more from their career. First of all, by acing this assessment, you validate modern and specific skills that many international companies target and appreciate in a candidate

You shouldn’t forget that even though it might be difficult, this test is your ticket towards getting Microsoft certification for Enterprise Administrator Expert. Thus, whenever you feel demotivated, you should think of the benefits mentioned in this article and go back to your learning process.

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